CIRCUMJACENCE (erotic poem)  

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12/23/2005 2:53 am

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CIRCUMJACENCE (erotic poem)


I want to shower with you, and wash you down
I want to rub body oil all over you and eat you out
I want to cum in you while my lips are in your mouth

There's no beginning and no end to what I will do to you
There's no beginning and no end to what I want for you

I want to feel you naked as we embrace on my cold silk sheets
feel the hot glowing ember of your hair and feet as we touch
underneath the moon,
it's full, radiant glow
radiating on our night of fancy
and of our sensual heat
as we take off on flights of fancy
A divine union
divinely cumming

Juicy beast that I am
pondering you
fondeling you
touching your hand
quivering under your skin
milky complexion,
succulent tit

I anoint and sanctify you
Underneath me
you will
be a mass of quivering jelly
a beacon of light
in a dark land
on this night
that I decided to take you
and show you the ways of the Gods

Understand this,
for you will be here soon
I will be waiting for you
awash at noon
freshly awoken
Beastly grin upon me
shaven face
My nocturnal rituals
your lovely face
will shine down upon this place
as I look at you
and imagine of what will be
and of what shall take place

Circumjacent, side by side each other
we lay there in bed
I trust you
Will you trust me?

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