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6/11/2005 7:55 am

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Another show

Yeah, it's been a while. We know... we suck at this. It's hard enough to find time to do the important stuff, let alone keep up with the blog.

Did another webcam show last night. She really got into it this time. She has a poor self-image right now... having trouble losing weight from the birth of our 2nd child. So when a guy requested that she get up on her hands and knees and give him an ass shot, I thought "Good luck with that, brother."

I was SHOCKED when she flipped over, stuck her ass right in the camera, and played with herself for a solid 10 minutes in that position. At one point, she was pumping two fingers in and out of herself while I played with her ass. I think folks enjoyed that as we got a lot of feedback. I KNOW we enjoyed it.

We have been e-mailing/im'ing with a couple from AdultFriendFinder for a couple of months now. Our schedules just haven't clicked due to kids, work, etc. But we are going to SC this week for vacation, and were shocked to find out the that male half of the couple is there on business and will still be there when we get down there. So, it looks like we will finally get to meet him. (Too bad she won't be there, too!) It's funny that we have to drive 11 hours to meet someone who live 10 minutes away - lol. But, as anyone with kids knows, it's tough to find the time sometimes.

Well, that's it for now. We may fire up the cam again tonight. Maybe have more to report then. Definitely more to report after we meet our new friend! We're excited to finally meet.


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