A sea full of genitals!  

yourmilf1975 41F
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7/7/2006 1:50 pm

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7/25/2006 7:57 pm

A sea full of genitals!

Ok, Im getting caught up on most of my emails and I get bored. So, I start browsing the local guys and see who is out there. And I have to say that I am soooo tired of all the penis pictures! My God, they are starting to make me sick! Dont get me wrong, Im not a total prude. I dont even mind seeing what the guys package looks like. But why put it on your main profile picture?

I like seeing a good looking face or a nice body. Even a nice body with a penis is ok. But why just a penis? What makes them think theirs stands out over anyone elses? And the ones that are really bad are the soft ones, the overly hairy ones and the really up close pics...oh, and the cum shots! Ugh! To each their own, but come on! Lets be a little bit original here.

I have a guy in my friends network (Silverrod)--he has a beautiful body and butt pic on his profile. He changed it to a penis shot and I sent him an email asking him "Why, oh why?!". He changed it back to his beautiful body shot. Thank you Silverrod! Your a work of art, darling!

So, why guys, WHY? And ladies, is it the penis that makes you check out a guys profile, or is it something else? Just wondering.....


SirMounts 102M

7/9/2006 11:55 pm

Well, I guess it's a matter of taste... and perhaps sometimes the lack of it. That situation is true with Men, but also with more and more women on here, too.
A warm welcome to blogging, yourmilf. *smiling*

flirtybutloving 48M
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7/22/2006 1:39 pm

Funny how this blog drew a response from someone who cant post ANY picture. As much as the women complain about seeing cock pictures - try our side sometime. Spread legs of women with pussy shots.....and there a ton of women out here posting the same pictures. Lots of fraud out here.......

8uallnite6a9 49M

7/23/2006 1:50 am

It just goes to show, in the penis shot for the main picture, which head they were thinking with! LOL!!

slingshot8 38M
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7/24/2006 7:31 pm

The reason is simple. The major difference of most men and women when it commies to being sexually aroused is that men are usually aroused by visual cues. Breast, ass, vaginal shots, and a woman naked and bent over. Even a slightly revealing nightgown can do the trick for some. Most men apply that idea when trying to attract womens' attention. The tight fitting t-shirt, to the missing t-shirt, and finally the package. The trusty twig and berries. "If my words didn't get her attention, this surely will, because I have this!" Some guys can pull it off because there are always exceptions to the rules. Most of us, as you just explained, end up looking like undersexed perves who are no different from the animals that act on instinct alone. Not to fear ladies, we men do adapt. Otherwise the human race would have died off long ago! Be patient, we eventually get the picture. This round women 3, men a big fat 1.

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