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1/28/2006 12:39 pm

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The overview

Hey I'm Ryan an 18 year old high school student. I just tuned 18 exactly 17 days ago on the 11th. I moved into my friends house on the 16th. My mom is a bitch and stole my car that I that I paid 1,500 cash for when I was 17 in October because since I was underage she put it in her name only without me knowing and hid that shit and I don't have a car now.

Sex is great I just lost my virginity on the 2nd of this month but it was great and it sucked at the same time because me and my ex fucked for three and a half hours flipped her,stuffed my dick in her tight pussy, and she came three times and I didn't even get to cum. Yeah it kinda sucked but I was just glad to please her.

It's great because even though I don't go out with my girlfriend any more we still fuck and she's cool with me seeing other girls at school or online which is cool.

Well I'm done so if you have any comments or wanna meet up then hit me up

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