Happy birthday to me!!  

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3/21/2005 11:52 pm

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Happy birthday to me!!

*Today was my birthday!!YAY!!It was a really great day.(Of course I wouldn't be writing if there wasn't sex so just wait)Well First it was my family party type of a thing.We went to a very expensive and fancy restraunt.The food was really really good.Had a cake there we ate in our own reserved room.I am 19 now by the way,if you look at my profile it might say otherwise very messed up and i think i did it wrong too)After the presents and everything was over I went over to my girlfriends.She really wanted to do something special I guess.I have no idea why.I arrived at her house and it was all dark except for a few candles on the steps up to her room.She was in her room on her bed.About 3 months ago she had made me go shopping for her at Victorias secret.She showed me a whole bunch of little numbers that she thought I might like.And of course I loved them all but we ended buying a very very hot item which intails:Long white fishnet stocking garters coming all the way up and a matching lacey white bra with(more than veil but less than a cloth)little jacket type thing.She looked stunning.The one thing that made it look great was the fact she had a nice tan to give some contrast to the white lingerie and also the dark backround of a dark blue thick sheets on the bed which she was seductively laying across signaling me to come towards.I took off my jacket and layed out on the bed next to her.She handed me a glass of wine.Yes drinking underage blah blah only a couple years too young.Well she handed me that and I drank it down she layed on top of me and just started to kiss me and kissed my face and neck whispering all the things she was going to do and wanted me to do.she sat up on top of me and rubbed my chest shortly before helping me out of my shirt.she licked her way down to my dick.I was very ready down there and she pulled my pants off and took it in her hand.Just stroking as she said"I want this big fat cock rammed in my tight pussy tonight,it's your birthday so you better fuck my pussy hard."she threw my cock in her mouth and let it poke her cheek.She poured her glass of wine all over it and started to suck it very fast.She motioned for me to come to the edge of the bed and there she poured my glass of wine all over my dick.I stood up and started to fuck her face.The wine made her mouth water and my cock was sliding in and out so fast that after about five minutes i shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and on her face.I told her to sit on the bed.i grabbed the bottle of wine and poured some in my mouth.I started to lick her nice and wet pussy getting it even wetter with the wine all over.My fingers were now underneath my tongue and moving in and out.I felt her pussy tense up before she came to a big orgasm cumming on my face.By now my cock was really ready to start fucking her tight pussy.I picked her up and carried her to couch n the next room.After briefly kissing and feeling she was laid down stomach on the couch she got up to all fours and then grabbed hold ot the armrest.I came from behind her and picked up her left leg and held it up out of the way so I could get at her pussy.I finally stuck my fat cock in her and started to pump in and out of her.I reached my right hand over and rubbed her clit.My dick was loving it after about twenty mins she and I both had a good build up for huge orgasms.As I rubbed my hand on her clit faster I took longer harder faster strokes with my cock and my balls slapped against her pussy.She started screaming"O ..O my god Im going to come!OOO...."AS she was shaking in bliss i still thrusted in and out of her and finally came in her pussy which was completely soaked.We drank what was left of the wine and fell asleep.

youngfuck040 30M

3/24/2005 4:09 pm

Ya I think I did it wrong.I thought I had fixed it about 3 weeks ago.But thanks for the post.Your blog is pretty good

likemsmooth2005 70M
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5/15/2005 10:27 am

I never had a girl in all my life go down on me and such a great present for you too. You should write porn novels or star in porn films

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