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7/11/2006 11:33 pm

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Our background

So, I think the first order of business is to bring you all up to speed so you know where we stand when I write about our new experiences.

I suppose you would also like some information about our appearances, so you can picture us as you read this. She is 21, medium height with large breasts, a 38D I believe. She has medium length hair, dyed a reddish brown and a young, girl-next-door kind of face that's irresitible. She has a little bit of extra weight from her hatred of exercise, but it really is just a small amount; she still has a nice, tight ass, a good figure, and keeps herself just the right amount of tan. When she's on top of me, riding me naked, I can hardly believe what a hot scene it is to look up at her with her huge breasts bobbing in front of me, and her face filled with ecstasy as she bites her lower lip.

I am 22, 6 feet tall with wavy brown hair. My dick is 7-8 inches long with appropriate girth. I also have a slight bit of extra weight from lack of exercising, but little enough that you can't tell by much with my clothes on. Anyways... jeez, it's a lot harder to talk own appearance than my girlfriend's.

We were both inexperienced when we first started dating. A lot of what we know now about how to please the opposite sex was learned from each other. Therefore, we began with very straightforward sex. I soon learned a lot about how her body experiences pleasure. In a standard session, she is usually capable of one clitoral orgasm (after that she doesn't want anything near her clit), and 3 to 4 orgasms from fucking. I generally only have one or two orgasms in a session. I usually have enough control to take her through her clitoral and 3 penetration orgasms, and I cum with her on her last one. I usually only have a second if we're both still feeling horny after my first.

Often times, we will have lengthy foreplay before we actually get to sex. We have gotten into the habit of talking dirty (which I'll elaborate on later) and/or watching porn for anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes while I play with her clit and once in a while go down on her. While I do this, she usually holds my dick or jacks me off. If I request it, she'll start off by going down on me (remind me to write more on this later).

When picking out porn to watch during foreplay, I noticed that she tended to lean towards girl-girl scenes over boy-girl. This got me thinking that she might be receptive to at least talking about including another woman in our sex life. I decided to try my luck and see her reaction. Her best friend happened to be quite the blond bombshell, and we'd spent a lot of time with her. During foreplay one night, while watching a girl go down on another girl, I asked her if she had ever fantasized about doing that to her friend. Unfortunately, I did not get the reaction I had hoped for, and when she asked me whether I wanted to have sex with her friend, I admitted to finding her attractive and having fantasized a bit about the 3 of us. At this, she seemed more than a bit freaked out, and I suspected that the topic would not be broached again.

However, as it turns out, that was not the end of this story. A couple weeks later, after having spent a weekend with her friend, she surprised me by bringing up the subject. You see, her friend only had one small bed, and the two of them, being life-long friends, had shared it for the weekend. She admitted to me having several "dreams" about going down on her friend. I use the quotation marks because still to this day I do not know for sure whether they were really dreams, or fantasies that she did not want to admit to conciously having. Obviously, I encouraged this confession, and it soon led to dirty talk about what she could do with her friend. In fact, this became a regular part of our foreplay - talking about what we would like to do with her blond bombshell friend, both together and seperately. However, my girlfriend has a strong fear of social confrontations, and to date, her friend knows nothing of these fantasies.

We've also progressed this talk of sex with her friend to sex with other people in other situations. Recently, we've started to talk more seriously about sex with another couple, fantasizing about some of the things we would like to do. When she's feeling more practical about her chronic shyness, we talk about having sex while another couple does so on a different bed in the same room. This is a fantasy that I think actually has a chance of going somewhere, unlike the talk of her friend, whom she would be way too afraid of estranging to actually intiate any sexual dialogue. In all our fantasies, however, she has never admitted to wanting sex with another man, either with me or without. I suspect that this is because she's afraid it will offend me in a way that having sex with another woman would not, despite the encourgaging I give her to speak openly of her desires.

Concurrently with our developing fantasies of sex with other partners, we've begun an exploration of anal sex. I intiated this rather carefully, because I had no idea what her thoughts or reaction would be. I started by keeping my hand under her butt during foreplay, and squeezing it in such a way that my finger worked it's way up against her anus. Eventually, I started using the wetness from her pussy to rub and play with her anus, though never actually penetrating. She gave no reaction to this change in style and still orgasmed as normal, so I took this as a sign of acceptance. I soon moved on to penetration with my fingers, and would once in a while have my whole index finger inside of her when she came. The only acknowledgement she gave at all of this arrangement was to sometimes tell me not to "do that" when she wasn't in the mood.

I would also sometimes rub my dick up against her ass, between her cheeks but not inside her. During one particularly long and hot foreplay session, I took it to the next level. We had been playing with each other for a long time, and she had accumulated plenty of wetness for both her pussy and her ass. I had already gotten her ass very slippery with my fingers, had put them in her a couple times, and was now rubbing and pressing my dick up against her ass. It was well lubricated and quite pleasant, even without penetrating her. As she finally orgasmed, I put my dick up against her anus and pushed in. She was very surprised and a bit angry.Being fairly large, I had actually hurt her and ruined her orgasm (I hadn't taken into account that the anus contracts during orgams to make it an uncomfortable time for it's first large penetration). After many apologies offered and eventually accepted, she went on to ask me about my interest in anal sex. I admitted I was curious about it, and she told me that while she didn't really have much interest, she was willing enough to give it a try on my behalf. She let me go back inside of her for a few minutes until the discomfort overwhelmed her and she ended the exploration for the night. Since then, we got some good lube have had a few more attempts at anal sex. A couple of times, I fucked her until I pulled out and came on her butt. Some other times, the penetration has been too uncomfortable for us to really even get started. Only once has she orgasmed during anal sex. I started playing with her clit after having gotten settled in her ass and started fucking her; she had a clitoral orgasm remarkably fast and fairly intense, but I have not yet been able to repeat that event.

So far, she has shown no similar interest in my ass, despite my hints that I would not be offended (it's only fair after the amount her ass has put up with from me). I think that she's influenced about the taboo of male anal play, or maybe she really just finds the idea of playing with my ass disgusting. I don't know which it is, but either way I'll continue to make it obvious that I have no qualms about it that I can't deal with.

Oh right, I wanted to talk a bit about oral sex, specifically the way she blows me. This is another area that has gone through a lot of changes since our first inexperienced encounters. While a blow job always feels good as long you avoid the teeth, her ability has grown from mediocre to good to excellent. She can make me cum with her mouth pretty often now, though I still coach her a little along the way. Also, in this and the anal sex, I can see how much she loves me with what she does for me. Quite a while ago, I expressed my interest in being deepthroated. There's something extremely sexy about having a woman take your entire shaft into her mouth. When I first expressed interest, she could only take a third of my 8 inches into her mouth without gagging. With time and practice, it has progressed into three fourths, which is quite a lot of cock to have in your mouth at once. She doesn't practice nearly as much as I'd like, though . I can't wait for the day when she can kneel in front of me, put her mouth around my cock and her hand on my ass, and push me towards her until her chin is pressing up against my balls.

Well, that about brings you up to speed, I think. I'm sure there's a few things I've missed, but we can get to them as they become significant. In the meantime, if there's anyone who'd like to comment or request more information, I'd love to hear from you. And anyone who reads this, please at least leave a quick message so I know there's actually someone out there looking at it. I'll post again soon if I get some comments.

electriccompany 52M

7/12/2006 9:55 am

Wow! Thanks for the lengthy post. (That's what she said!) With the kind of details you left, I'll be able to make an exact replica fem-bot of her in my evil laboratory. Thanx.

Keep posting and welcome to Blogsville!

galwaylex 32F

7/14/2006 2:41 am

Hi, well done on the descriptive post, most men try to keep it to 1 or 2 lines, i prefer when a guy can express himself,


ThickButNotQuick 35M

7/30/2006 9:37 pm

i am in the area often.....care for some interaction with a well-hung, intelligent male?


rm_littlejohnn2 48M
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9/1/2006 3:12 pm

wow well done enjoyed very much

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