America...Land of the captives....wahhhhhh?!?!  

youngbuck2035 31M
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3/6/2006 11:59 pm

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3/21/2006 7:49 am

America...Land of the captives....wahhhhhh?!?!

Ok, I have been checking out who the free masons and what are their affiliation with political power in the United States. All of the founding fathers of the constitution where either free masons or had relatives who where free masons. Moreover, to be a free mason, it is an unsaid law that you have to be white, anglo saxon, and protestant. All of our presidents have been white anglo saxon protestants. With the exception of two, John F. Kennedy, who was a Roman Catholic. And Abraham Lincoln who was a religious skeptic at times. Maybe because he was depressed, or he really knew how this country worked.

I don’t care what anybody says, Andrew Jackson makes Fifty cent look like a pussy. Quick little history note of Andrew Jackson. He was in over 100 duels in his life time. And beat an assassin armed with a gun, only using his walking cane.

However, I am not for a violent revolution, over throwing the U.S. government, or anything like that. I do love my country, It is a lot better then most other countries in this world and the living condition is premium. I can abide by the status quo, but we can always do better.

I am a passivist, but i do believe that martial arts is a great way to get exercise.

Instead, the powers that be have it so you focus on making money, making money. Nothing else, pay this bill, pay this tax, pay this fine. If your worried about not being able to make your next payment, you get busted down another notch on maslows hierarchy of needs and you worry about survival and respect.

niceguy20402 56M

3/7/2006 4:59 am

Hey Young Buck,

It just goes to show that you gotta watch out for all of the teanucks out there. I remember learning in my Sociology Classes at University (College) that there has only ever been one unmarried President of the USA , one guy was over 350 pounds and Roosevelt was in a wheelchair! This was before the Media became "King". Now it seems compulsory that you have to own a Ranch to become the President!

Regards from Downunder,

John( aka Bathrobe Guy)

youngbuck2035 31M
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3/8/2006 12:23 am

LoL thanks for the support partner.

KunningLingual1 58M

3/14/2006 3:59 pm

Jesus, you give a kid a couple of college classes and he thinks he knows something. Your ignorance is showing, punk.

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