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11/18/2005 2:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Today i finally broke!!!!! why is everygirl i know trying to be skinny/anorexic at first we saw the models and symphatized because we all know that their fathers/managers are forcing them and we understood but now wht used to be a rarity is entering into the mainfold even girls i know who have the body that most of the dreams of the neighbourhood are founded upon are losing some of their prized assets or should i say crownjewels and i must say not all the blame rests with girls and the media(iheard acommercial about a chocolatebar that has LESS than 0 calories);guys apparently have also become double-agents ;by which i mean that while wanting the "curvy,voluptious, um!uhh!!"girls wanting to be seen with the "myhips arenarrowerthanyours,not even a speedbump let alone a curve,lolita looking" girls.So guys dont be wimps make a stand against the "stick drawings are more beautiful than monalisa " media and also LEAVE MACDONALDS ALONE ,dont like it dont eat there! isnt it enough that cigarettes are already considered as WMDs ,okay ranted enough im out,adios amigos M.

rm_mnmnaz 46M/56F

11/18/2005 4:14 am

Real women have real bodies. The only way for a normal woman to have a skinny model body is to rarely eat, and often purge, like a model. It is up to us too often psychologically abusive men to let women know we appreciate them as they are. Naked and begging for us.

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