young_n_playful 32M
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7/26/2006 11:32 pm

Why don't women want to meet?

Why is it more dangerous to meet a guy at a pub when you have chatted online then to start talking to a stranger next to you at the bar?

Why can a person be intelligent, yet people can be such idiots?

Why do we listen to our mothers? Did they teach us anything useful?

Why do women believe everything is our fault?

Why must guys approach women in clubs?

Why do girls get let in by boucers at a club when its the guys spending all the money?

Why do women have fun with a guy and go home to another?

Why do women ask us what we have to offer them long term, when they spend hours and thousands or dollars on making us notice only what they have to offer today?

Why is the first question a guy asks is are you single and the first question a woman asks is what do you do?

Why do you never see a personal add saying guy looking for "fin sec" female and you never see a girl not looking for a guy that is one?

Why is it men NEED to work and women WANT a career?

Why do women never say what they mean or mean what they say?

Why do I have to know what she is thinking but if she doesn't know what I'm thinking, its because I can't communicate?

Why if women don't/can't orgasm during sex is it our fault, and if we can't get it up its our fault as well?

Why is the world this way? Why doesn't it change? Why do all men seem to accept that this is just life?

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