My View as a young Australian  

young_n_playful 32M
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7/18/2006 9:46 pm

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7/25/2006 10:47 pm

My View as a young Australian

The female Australian in today's society is narrow minded, self orientated, confident and supposedly driven.

There is in a sense a feeling that they deserve what they get as long as it is positive. Or they believe it is positive.

They believe they know their role in this new modern world. But honestly how can they know their place when because of the women that came before them men (the boys today) no longer know their true place in society.

The young girls mothers and grandmothers fort for equal rights, fairness, not handouts, not affirmative action. They were actually discriminated against in the old days but not anymore.

Discrimination should apply to a group but not to an individual. Our differences make us unique.

We don't have someone with an IQ of 60 building a rocket cause it isn't practical. Just like men don't get pregnant its not practical or phyisical. Yet if we ever were in the same situation as the movie JUNIOR "men will have taken this away from women as well".

But in the dating scene today this has gone over board. From the women's liberation movement and the coinciding children's movement, the girls today are DADDY's LITTLE GIRL and expect the men (who are usually just boys themselves) in there life to keep up the facade.

Daddy's always there....!

Many seem to head in a direction for a career. Some are very well suited but a lot will never make it. This will almost certainly be deemed discrimination because there is nothing hanging between her legs. Not that she wasn't suited, a BITCH, just not randomly selected or she just missed out this time, but none of these will enter her mind.

Of these that head for a career, most, do it because they want to prove to their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. that they can do it. None of them want to work, none of them would know what they wanted to do if you asked, none would really know why they are doing it.

You ask a career women why she works and she will usually say cause I WANT TO. Ask a man in a similar situation and he will usually say because I NEED TO.

In males the motivation lies within ones self often conditioned from birh that there realy is no choice, where as a females motivation is usually external. Mother's stories about "my day".

As much as women spin that men stick together I challenge them by saying its the other way round. Women will stick together even when they are wrong, while guys will only stick together if they happen to be right. It's all about wanting to ruther the reality which we call a life while women seem to want to further the delusion.

The women's revolution was a great thing in its time and it is still continuing today. But a revolution is a full circle, the other half is yet to come and that's when Men say what they want for the first time in recorded history.

We will hopefully be able to get rid of these women whipped men that are so entrenched into our society today. And have women in society that appreciate men and don't just see them for what they can give. And we will all be better off.

TheCliticals 34F/F

7/18/2006 10:45 pm

You cannot possibly be serious with this post.

It was intended as a joke wasnt it


young_n_playful 32M

7/18/2006 11:12 pm

It is taken somewhat to the extreme and this is only my view from what I have seen in Perth. I must admit I do find the whole thing quite comical but there is a serious undertone that I want to get out there...

If I'm wrong I'm wrong... but at this stage I don't think I am.

I will edit it from time to time because I may not be all that clear with my words. But this is the seen in Perth. The girls control everything and until all the guys stand up for themselves it ain't going to happen.

Europe and the UK from what I have heard are ahead of DOWN UNDER socially speaking maybe it is different there but the strong BLOKE down here is a ding bread and meeting women in Perth is becoming harder and harder.

Why did you think I couldn't be even somewhat serious?

rusexy4rexy 33M
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7/25/2006 11:10 am

aye it's a vicous cycle and men are at the bottom part of it at the moment how long will it be before men are selected like cattle for for the butcher hey what am i saying its already happening some men have been condemnd to a life of lonliness because of the views of women ie cosmopolitan girlfriend dolly all that shit what sane person thinks that their dreamperson is going to bump into them in the middle of the street none thats right girls you ain't gonna get brad,orlando or whoever, come back to planet earth just cause your good looking doesn't mean your not going to be lonley,you are because youv'e got too high standards get off your pedestal because the love of your life is probly the guy you just ignored cause he ain't rich or as hot as that guy over there who you don't know the name of and you probly won't cause he's an absoloute asshole so wake up and stop dreaming or you'll wake up 60yrs all alone no family cause you want the hot one so what do you want a guy that want's you or a guy that just want's to look good around you

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