Fun times...  

young_n_playful 32M
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7/30/2006 8:10 pm
Fun times...

Uni starts back today... Not much of a break worked through most of it. Not looking forward to heading back there.

Been there 5 years now and its not like it used to be. Its not as fun anymore. The girls aren't as hot, the beer doesn't flow anymore and I swear the battle of the bands is shittier.

But its a part of my life have to make the most of it. I'll find the hottest girl at the pub today, walk up make a fool of myself and then head home with her.

A mate of mine starts his uni career today also. Maybe he can help breathe some new spirit into what seems to be becoming a slow and meek lifestyle at uni. Maybe the kids these days just aren't as fun. Or maybe me and my crew were just so wild its no longer funny.

I can remember nights were I don't remember a thing, when the only thing you worried about in the morning was if you remembered the name of the girl sleeping next to you or if you wanted to remember her name at all.

Maybe these education programs are working and the generation before us are sucking the life out of them. I really hope I'm not one of the last of the original party generation.

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