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6/18/2006 11:29 am

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keep the door open

I am so very fortunate to live the way I do. I have a supportive partner who allows me the freedom to live my life and to have another lover.

Most people cannot live this way and it's very hard to communicate to others that by living more openly you are less likely to divorce or cheat on your partner. Most marriages fail because one partner is more sexual then the other and that partner needs to sneak around to be satisfied which only creates guilt, shame and decite.

Even with a poly relationship you still have the jealousy, hurt and fear. Our relationship has brought us closer together because we can openly communicate with each other. Through this openness, we are more loving and we have established security with our realationship that most partners will never have because we are secure with our shelves and each other.

This is a rare kind of love that most traditional partners will never experience unless they are willing to let the other person go. Yes, it's scary on many levels but it's also very real.

Remember the word Impermanence - everything and everyone changes.

Do not cage your partner. Be willing to let them explore it will only enhance your love for each other with greater awareness. There are many books out there on the subject.

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