Yoga and Sex  

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4/24/2006 9:29 pm

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Yoga and Sex

Yoga is sexy, yes it is. Imagine being in a room full of beautiful people stretching in all directions. Yoga is for everyone, every body type, it's ageless. It brings you closer to your internal self as you learn ways to breath and to rid the the body of stress.

Maybe you've been curious about yoga but were afraid to ask or you did not know who to ask. Maybe after reading this you'll walk into a studio or yoga class at your gym.

Yoga is a journey you take within, it's stepping outside of yourself which in turn will bring you closer within. We learn to love our selves and appreciate the world around us. It's more then movement of the body it's an awaking into a new world. It's life changing and deep, we shake things up inside, step out of our comfort zone and challenge our physical strengths but mainly we challenge the power of the mind.

We live in a hectic and uncertain time, the world can be a scary place and we all have our fears. Most of us walk around asleep, fragmented from ourselves. We over indulge in everything, we keep busy so we don't have to think. We try to keep up with everyone in the material world, we are major consumers and think we need more, so we buy more. The reason we want more is because we are trying to fill the void in our lives.

I am human, I have chased many shining objects and I still do from time to time. Sometimes cannot keep my mind clear during practice and I do lose sight of what is really important. But I have my yoga practice to come back to, it saved my life nearly 10 years ago. I have found a balance.

There are lots of sexy men in my classes, they flirt with me and they ask me out. I have gone out with students only to learn that they want to have sex with me. I have never gone there with a student and I never will. I've had crushes on many of my male teachers, yoga men are hot. I go to a certain class because of a teacher. I have my fantasies that my teacher would take me in 'down word facing dog'.

Yoga does help with your sex life, we are better lovers through the practice. Our sex is deeper, varied and more loving. I lose myself in that moment and swim with my breath as I release into orgasm. Yes, yoga dose improve your sexual performance.

Tantra and yoga go hand in hand. Tantra is based on the practice of yoga and breath work. Tantra is not just having sex longer, it's about loving and connecting with another human being and taking the sexual act to a higher ground, the scared act, we are god and goddess.

I love people, I see beautiful women and men in class daily. I enjoy working them, I love to watch them move.

Yoga helps to put things in perspective. What's important to you; the fancy trendy clothes, the perfect looking partner with the high paying job? The house, the car? What about your health, your state of mind, or how people relate to you? When you die you cannot take those material items with you and we all age and lose our good looks, shallow as it might sound coming from me but think about it.

It's not about what you have, it's about who you are and how you relate to yourself and others in this world at this very moment. Yes, eastern philosophies do parallel yoga.

I totally step out and live everyday. I go to the desert once a year and and jump out of my skin... living completely in the now. I have lived out most of my fantasies. I rave, travel, and parade around nude at the beach soaking up the sun. I step out of my comfort zone to keep things fresh.

complacency will only kill in the end as you slip into a sedentary life style.

Find balance... now go out and move your body.


seven679 56M/F

4/25/2006 7:25 am

There are so many sexy, SHINING objects around but also things,
which cannot be sought directly.Sometimes You are attracted to
the hidden beauty of the certain object and the TIME stops,
the MIND is gone, You are connected directly to IT, in fact
both of you become ONE.Then nothing else matters.Call it love,
call it bliss or meditation- words are words.
Connection is in other level.
The real seakers of moments like this newer really seek.
( I'm too lazy for yoga!)Besides,there is no direction or GUIDE.
But deep and powerfull urge to clean yourself of all untrue and
heavy, to become a DEWDROP and shine unlike the common sexy
plastic goods, those hunters of the minds.
And find the ultimate TRANQUILITY- to drop into the OCEAN,life.
I like to "challenge the power of the mind".Mmmm yeah!
I'm human too.

yogagrrl replies on 4/25/2006 8:33 am:
Thank you for your wise words dear friend. Too lazy for yoga, you may be doing yoga without thinking about it. Yoga stemmed from Meditation, when both mind and body were still like water then movement was introduced. Just stilling the mind is a practice.

yogagrrl replies on 4/25/2006 8:38 am:
Thank you Milko. Too lazy for yoga? Yoga stemmed from Meditation. When the mind and body are still like water, only at that point movement was introduced. You may be doing some form of yoga without even knowing it.


seven679 56M/F

5/4/2006 10:42 pm

SACRED teachings
silent words


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