The Hook Up  

yogagrrl 48
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1/9/2006 4:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Hook Up

I have to share this with you. I received a note from this man who is in town for business. He is writing to me from his lovely five star hotel downtown. This man gives me his cell number and his room number and says meet me at so and so time okay... WTF?!

This man clearly does not read (it's stated in my profile no hook ups ). I'm certain he sent that same email out to every girl in SF.

Generally, I would not write back but I did. I bascially told him I was not into up hooks and if he wanted a hooker go to the Tenderloin and pick up a girl on the corner. He then came back and said, "It's just me and a couple of guys from Europe looking to hang out with a classy lady". I think he was looking for a gang bang this evening... good grief!

Maybe I should meet him and milk him for every thing he has. I think you guys know me well enough, that's not my style.

But there are girls who really think that way. In fact, in the New Times last week, there was a article called "Sex and the single mother". It was a book review on women who really use men to support their life styles. They want you to wine and dine them and for you to take them shopping before they drop their silky panties.

Oh yeah, a lot of women use men and men do use women.

No need to get my panites in a bunch here.... what panites? I never wear them!

rm_VGroove415 47M
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1/10/2006 11:08 am

At least you got someone who only spammed all of San Francisco. The vast majority of my AdultFriendFinder emails are from email harvester spammers. It seems the majority of the female profiles on AdultFriendFinder are not real people either, just companies that sell lists of email addresses.

And don't worry about us men too much. Most of us are vile creatures who love to use women. Hopefully those will hook up with one another and leave the rest of us alone.

sillyperv 54M

1/10/2006 6:55 pm

Yeah,terrible horrible penile driven men just ruin it for the rest of us sensitive souls. Like now if I ask if the girl in the picture is a friend, sister, relative,passed her briefly on the street and if you could forward me any contact info to my email, you'll just go along, horrible prejudice against my gender and think I'm a pig. But of course, since through out your blog, you comment how you don't want to live in the negative. So, with your own well being in mind, I think you should send me that information ASAP!!!! For your own well being.

As always ---- thinking of you!

4The_Fun_of_it 43M/44F

1/15/2006 12:21 am

There is definitly certain cyclical disfunction between the sexes. It tends to be so object oriented and dehumanizing.

I agree with vgroove. Many of the "women" on AdultFriendFinder are not really women. They are advertising lures for other sites that eventually want money. I think it's hard to find what someone on the internet when it's so easy to mask behind a keyboard and monitor. There are only a few people that I have found that are actually human and worthy of investing time into and interacting with when it comes to this service. I'de rather go out and do something, have a good time, and meet people the old fashioned way.

But, I won't get my underwear in a bunch... What underwhere? I am not wearing... well... Ok, yes, I am, I am wearing underwear... So what?

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