Tales of the city... night life  

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2/25/2006 7:19 pm

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Tales of the city... night life

It's Wednesday night around 12am, I just left one dance venue and danced hard for three hours straight to some progressive house music. I'm parking my car in Soma, South of Market. I'm kinda weary about this space, never parked down this alley before. Broken glass all over, looks like a prime spot for a junkie to break in. Speaking of junkies here comes one, a female in her mid-twenties so strung out and bare foot with long dreads dancing in the middle of this narrow alley to the music that fills her head.

I try not to make eye contact, it's better that way. San Francisco night life and the street life is not as intense as Manhattan. SF has this tribal burningman element about it that I love. I've learned that respect and kindness do go a long way in the streets, not that I spend my time walking down dark alley's at night mind you, it's just common sense that you treat everyone the way you want to be treated. You put out a bad vibe, your ass is history.

I'm feeling really sexy, I'm going underground now to a new party venue for my friends. Dressed in all black with my pointy toed bitch boots on. I got lots of male attention on the dance floor eariler on. There was a core group of far out dancers, girls, boys, freaks just groovin' together like there was no tomorrow. Love Wednesday night parties, it's local.. no bridge and tunnel to spoil the vibe... sorry, I can be a party snob.

I realize that all is well, the junkie has past, I par take in a little 420 and smoke fills my car... my mind settles. My friends are outside, smoking and laughing, all is well. I don't know how my professional friends continue to party this way, my profession allows me great freedom to live, I can sleep in tomorrow but I know they need to be at their place of employment very early the next day. These kids indeed live a double life.

I go in, look around and ease into room. I start chattin' with my mates and we dance. After about an hour I need to chill. I'm standing alone for just a moment, and this man comes up to me and offers me a glass of sparkling wine, I giggle and say " how did you know"? he said he could always tell a lady from the girls.

We hang out, get to know each other, he tells me of another party... I tell him it's nearly 2am, last call. He says not to worry.... we finish our drinks and head outside and find a cab.

To be continued....

sillyperv 54M

2/26/2006 7:40 am

Bitch boots? Oh yeah, those are the ones that tell you - "Score if you play right, testicles kicked to next Tuesday if you play wrong." Ahhhh, the thrill of the chase!!!!

BatteringRam007 43M
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2/26/2006 3:33 pm

The mystery deepens!!!
Intrigue and drama to be continued ...

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