To Take Or Be Taken?  

yknotforme 46F
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6/21/2005 10:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To Take Or Be Taken?

To take or be taken? That is a question with each encounter I ask myself. There is no right answer, just a sense of what feels best at that very moment. I am two halves of one very strong being. I am dominant and submissive. I do not submit without trust nor do I dominate without responsibility.

For years I have searched that around me and all resources trying to fully understand myself and my own skin. I have been called a switch, among other things. Some know me as more dominant, some know me as the more pliable submissive. However, all is truly me.

Each of us is something a bit unlike the other and yet looking for all the same things.

To take or be taken. To me both are an excellent idea.

NeoDemiGod 61M

6/21/2005 11:36 am

Ying and Yang
Male and Female
Strong and Weak

We all are both.

The level of life that’s inside you will measure the size of these opposites. The meek are nearly a flat line, while someone like you is more, and pair of spires. The movement from one to the other is there in us all, but the distance that’s traveled from Ying to Yang can be all the away around the universe and back.

rm_the_taker 44M
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6/21/2005 4:21 pm

I think it is better to take, but I could be biased
Since the universe is balanced, someone must be a giver.

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