We All Are Wasting Our Lives  

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11/7/2005 9:02 am

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We All Are Wasting Our Lives

Rub eyes. Remove linens. Rub eyes some more. Walk. Drain into water, push lever to send said water away. Examine the reflection. Splash water on face, remove mouth acidity, spit. Walk some more and cough. Inspect icebox. Hydrate. Rinse glass in sink and return to bathroom. Scour the night from the morning, gargle and spit, towel dry. Remove hair, prevent funk. Don clothing.

Commute. Work. Lunch. Work. Dawdle while watching the clock. Scurry off like children at the afternoon bell. Commute (swear, play with the radio, check the phone)....commute.... Commute already.

Insert key. Disrobe while running, shower again, clothe again. Lock. Commute again.

Enter familiar establishment. Imbibe. Lock eyes. Engage in discourse. Imbibe further. Discourse further. Check time, make future plans, bid adieu, commute, disrobe, fall into linens. Descend into dreams.


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