I want to be taken, seduced until I submit.  

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12/24/2005 4:51 pm

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I want to be taken, seduced until I submit.

I want to be taken, seduced until I submit.
FACT: When I was a Junior in high school I went on an out of
town trip with a friend and her family. They had some event
to attend and I was left back at the hotel, and I was a virgin
and all alone.
It was really warm outside, but pouring down rain. I was
so horny so I put on my string bikini and went out to the huge
outdoor pool. This pool was encased by all the rooms balconies,
and it was a 7 story place.
I was searching and scanning the rooms, looking for some
movement, hoping to see a light, any sign that I was being
The 4th floor room began to open it's drapes as the light
became brighter. I moved to the hot tub and positioned myself
so my legs were spread wide to face him up there.
The curtain pulled to the side and I could see a man, a much
older man, naked and stroking his hardening member. Something
I had only seen in mags or movies, never for real. I was frozen
and so excited I began to unconsciously finger my pussy
I glanced away long enough, not wanting him to see me seeing
him and as I looked back up he was gone and the light was dark.
Discouraged, I quickly got out of the hot tub and moved into
the sauna. It was only a minute and the door opens and he walks
in holding a towel losely around his waist. IT WAS HIM! I
was in shock and unable to move. He chatted with me. I nervously
talked with him and then bolted back outside and into the
hot tub. I was scared and excited and horny all at the same
A moment later he enters the hot tub. This time he is sitting
right next to me and I feel his hand quickly brush against
me and touch my leg. I was frozen and could only sit there
with my legs spread wide and pussy throbing.
After about 10 mintues of him talking he asks me if I want
to go back into the sauna. I only nodded and followed him
back into the steamy room, indoors, privatley away from
eyes watching.
Just as we entered the sauna and we sit down, him across from
me, he releases the towel and exposes his huge bulge in his
tight speedo. He was so hard, his dick head was making his
suit pull away from his waist.
Just then the dad of my friend that I was there with walks
into the sauna and says we are back come up to the room and
get some dinner.
THAT'S IT! I often bang my pussy thinking about that
day. He wanted to me and fuck my little virgin tight
twat and I so would of let him.

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2/27/2006 4:24 pm

mail at AdultFriendFinder proove you words

rm_ontheveryqt 70M
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3/17/2006 9:09 am

Makes me horny just reading this!

SparksFly2nite 51M

9/30/2008 2:35 am

Intoxicating erotica! Love your mind!

rm_Idiveat5 48M
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1/3/2009 1:43 am

nice story....i wonder what your dads friend said after he noticed the older guy with a hard on in the sauna with you.........or is that another story????

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1/3/2009 2:07 am

WOW! What a HOTTY, I would have done her.

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