Fucked up again  

yesmeliz 49F
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12/23/2005 1:26 am

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5/10/2012 3:16 am

Fucked up again

I fucked up again by feeling sorry for him and getting back into the relationship with one who inspired the writing of my profile.
I vow to not let him come back and to be strong and move forward and away.
I need sex and need it everyday. Atleast everyday if not 2 or 3 times a day when I have a partner. He couldn't handle my needs. Too much for him. I need someone that can keep up and prioritize his needs and wants and sex or pleasure needs to be high on the list. I want and need it daily. I simply do and am still looking for the one to fill my legs.
I want an employed, humorous, outdoor adventerous man that loves to laugh and fuck and hug and kiss and cuddle and spank me when I have been naughty.
Sex is high on the needs list for me, as is security and planning for a prosperous future. A year and a half ago I was cut from my job of 15 years so the last year I have been a full time student and will be getting my associates in computer science in three more terms. providing MATH doesn't kick my ass this spring 2010 term! I work part time now and full time school and I work real hard. I also play hard and need a partner who rates his likes and dislikes much the same as myself.
I want an astrologically matched partner, as I belive in that. It is the only clue a person has into the inside of a person you first meet. I trust it.
If anyone wants to wine me and dine me, fuck all night and play all day, be my friend and a friend to my daughter, kiss in public and freely show affection in various ways. I love to get flowers and give them or a small prize of some lube or a sex vid or a nasty outfit or some cuffs for a night of role playing sex when we get to be alone.
I also need someone who likes outdoors, camping, rock hounding, going to the beach, rafting, 4 wheeling and playing in the dunes.
Want a real mans man, but one who isn't scared to show his emotions or feelings.
I know, I am asking for the impossible. I am still searching.....
Oh yes, he needs to be sexy and turn me on so I can't stop ramming his cock down my hungry hot throat and into my wet tight cunt over and over again.
Are you there?

rm_ontheveryqt 70M
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3/17/2006 9:15 am

My kind of woman, too bad I'm already saddled!

rm_yo411968 48M
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10/30/2010 12:04 am

hi sexy , my type of a women email me

ggump69 43M

9/14/2011 5:19 am

I'm ready wenever u r. sex with u 2 to 3 times daily sounds fuckin super 2 me.
>>! & mmmmm yummy 2

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