For everybody that's ever been let down....  

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4/29/2005 11:12 am

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For everybody that's ever been let down....

For those of you who have been abused, betrayed, cheated or just had life deal you a bogus hand that you spent too much time lamenting about... I wrote this for you.....

Sunset, sunrise ...

To often have I neglected the beauty of twilight, and lamented instead in the dusk of
the mind.

Love is but a shadow, joy but a shiver, warmth but a construct.

All the beaches in the world could not count the years passed in history's hour glass that we have wasted in the solitude of the belief that we are living in the winters of our

So many tiny miracles try to awaken us from this cosmic night terror, but we chose to
roll to the side and weep about our petty nightmares.

The only idea of hope that we as humans keep in our hearts is that the sun will someday rise once again to wash away the pain that we have brought upon ourselves.

Waiting for the sun, waiting for the summer that is never here until is it gone.

Pain is the weakest ideal we have yet we relish it, hang on to it, need for some
God-forsaken reason to hang on to it, to "express" it.

Of all man's accomplishments, of all the emotions we have created so that we may "feel" and be human, we foolishly pick to waste our strength on pain, anguish, and emptiness.

Simply to find joy in the idea of letting go of this would be a more productive venture.

Melt the frost and cling to the promise of the coming dawn as you embrace what is already
all around you ... NOW...

And waste no more the infinite talent of the eternal human spirit.
copyright: Ian 2005.....You read I love, you copy... YOU DIE!

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