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2/6/2006 2:11 pm

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3/27/2006 6:09 am


I met a women on here a little over a month ago and from the moment that i saw her picture i was intriged i had the feeling that i had known her. It was a feeling of like u seem to know everything about her but u just dont know her. i think of the movie somewhere in time with Christopher Reeve where he sees a womens picture and he becomes obsessed with her and he goes back in time just to meet her. well that isnt gonna happen here but that is how i felt when i looked at her picture. well we finally got her attention and we started talking on the phone and we talked for hours upon hours and that is different for me because i am not a big phone person. Her voice was so hypnotic its was like she had me under a spell or something i just couldnt stop listening to her. well we talked so much and we have so much in common it is very scary because i was not looking for this and there r so many signs that point to things that i cant explain. well we finally met at her place and of course i took her roses and she was so suprised she told me no one had ever givin her roses before. And i couldnt believe that a women like her and no one has givin her roses before. well there we were standing in front of one another for the first time and it was all i could do to keep from jumping on her. lol see she was different in my eyes she is a lady who has yet to have been treated like one. so i took it slow till she finally jump on me. lol well we kissed for hours and i love kissing and she did too. so we went to her room and we undressed and we kissed more then i kissed her all the way down her body then i gave her something she has never had with anyone before total and complete pleasure so much pleasure the neighbors made some comments. lol i was afraid someone was gonna call the police from all the noise she was making lol but anyways it was so awesome. and then she returned the favor and that was really awesome to have a women with the same passion and sensualness that i have is unbeliveable. we have met several times since then and everytime is better than the last. i have feelings coming out of me that i have never experienced in my life and i have been married twice and never felt anything like this with them. so in a way it is very very enjoyable and in another way it scares me because it could open me up for heartbreak if things dont work out. but i dont care i am happy and i am persueing. i just hope she feels the same and i will find out in time. thanks for reading.

lady_on_fire 45F

2/6/2006 7:40 pm

Well, I feel honored to be the subject of this blog. You are right, I have never been treated the way you are treating me. But I am adjusting quite well. LOL. I did not come on this site looking for romance, but it seems I have found that. And I am also very happy. Our passion together can not be matched.
I also worry about my heart being broke as you know, but if you don't take a risk you won't ever know. So where do we go from here??
Hmmmm, I can think of some places.

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