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2/9/2006 5:51 pm

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Well i thought i could never find true actual total pleasure but how i was wrong.

My new girlfriend invited me over for lunch yesterday so i left work at lunch time and took a stroll over to see her but it wasn't about the lunch i am writing about it was the desert!!! lol

Well first thing is i have very strong and very emotional feelings for this women so when i am with her i am totally happy and honored by her presence. she is a wonderful lady. well we ate and talked about some things that amused me because i had know idea she was even thinking things like that so it caught me by surprise but i liked what we were talking about so i told her what i thought and we joked some and then i guess she was tired of talking because she took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

So we kissed and i did my thing for her but i couldnt give my all because i have a sinus infection so i couldnt breathe but i gave her lots of pleasure and then it was like a earthquake hit she got on me and she rode me to death. lol i mean she does things that no other women does she had me talking and saying things randomly and i didnt even know was coming out of my mouth. she had my legs shaking and i came 4 times. ( i told her only 3 because i didnt want her to get a big head lol) but the thing about it was how she looked at me the whole time her beautiful eyes i couldnt take my eyes off her it was very very hypnotic she really loves giving pleasure and i can say with out a doubt she is the best i have ever had.

So i regained my composer and i held her gently brushing her back and neck with my fingers she likes that. and then i took her again. and i will tell u i did not want to go back to work i just wanted to stay in her arms but i had to so we kissed and i left to go back to work and i didnt get 2 blocks away and i was calling her on the phone. lol it was then that i realized that i just cant get enough of this women she is truly someone special that god has sent to me.

southrnpeach333 50F

2/9/2006 6:38 pm

Sounds wonderful. There is nothing better than afternoon sex. Glad you found someone who makes you feel that way. It is nice to hear.

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