shy dogs  

yearofthemonkey 61F
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7/20/2006 7:41 pm
shy dogs

some ,big bad boys that are like pups,they will bark and growl but soon as they see a pussy they scamper off in terror cause they are really shy on the first encounter; they just need a little more tongue in order to get their attention.
met someone like that, and i hope to meet him again, a country boy at heart,lol
when he got here my son and his gf were still home which put him on a somewhat uncomfortable footing,specially since both kids are gargantuan,my son being close to 400lbs and over 6ft in height his girl is close to 280and 6 ft,after a bit of chit chat they finally left 1 of them has work,after they left i was able to talk the man into folowing me to my room i still can't carry a conversation worth shit on the first meeting but i know where the action is.and went straight for it took a while but jr finally responded that is untill it came time to say hey to pussy then he decided to play hide n seek o well there is always next time

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