shitting again  

yearofthemonkey 60F
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6/23/2006 10:34 am
shitting again

blue again, life is kicking should b used to it's rudeness by now ,but i'm not!
Had a job 3 days a wk for about 3 hrs a day, i'v slowly been getting less days,just 1 day last wk and none this;what i'v been gettign is not even enough to buy food in between checks,when i called to if i should come in (hate showing up, just to be told to go home)and got the same line of how owner says not enough profit being made and everyon's hrs are being cut and that no i was not needed i told the manager to forget it! i'm looking for another job.I'll probably be in a funky mood for a couple of days then get my ass out and search again.....

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