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not really sure what to do with this;so the first thing i'll do is wish everyone happy holiday,for myself i will have a housefull of guests which means a halt to my dates have met some really great guys on this site.
maxgrim is a honey of a man,tall muscularand the all important*hard*
spidermanicu is a gentleman and makes good use of his tongue;would love to meeeet with him over and over
edge57 is a cuddler,would not mind another date with this 1
jazzpig2000 is looking a honey that is volupteous,so if any are out there,grab him!
d2cusa,educated,well hung and will do you any which way he can
kittykat4692005 loves bj's a little too young and wiry for my taste
needsomehoney;man o man, a definite hottie! long avg thick and hard
Eltorro692 is a cutie

yea i know i'v been a busy gal;and enjoying myself greatly,some of the dudes i was with can't quite say the same sparked with some,others couldn't get away fast enough,but all have been gentlemenso if any ladies read this list happy hunting..

last encounter:we chatted online for about 10 min,was asked to turn on my cam,which i did,then set up a time to meet that same day or should i say night;anyhow,he asked me to wear something sexy so i went to the door in my blue nightgown that has a velvet bodice and light seethrough skirt and high heel shoes,nothing under it i invited him inthe lights were dim,i look my best that way date is young and adorable looking,we kissed and his hands levitated to my breasts,while i hugged him and massagged his back,i asked him if he wanted to go on to my room
where there was only a lamp lit and i had rock music(oldies) playing on the comp;the man was a pro! soon as we got in the room he dropped his breaches,and i noticed he was hard as a rock;i commented on that fact to which he replied that i did it!yeah right lol,he lay on the bed and i attacked his cock,sucking him but what he really wanted was to fuck,he wanted me to ride him so since he did not bring a comdom i used the 1 that a friend had left,i'm clean and wish to stay that way! i think he was hoping for a bareback ride
we fucked that way for a bit then he asked me to get on my back,which i did,after a bit we went at it doggie,but right before that he kept trying to go anal which while my spirit is willing my ass is NOT!and especially NOT without ky!unfortunately then he noticed taht i was shaking,i began having problems wiht my sugar;all i had to eat all day was a sandwich early in the morn cause food soemtimes gives me gas, and the last thing i want to do is fart during a fucking date,but being diabetic skipping meals is a no-no,so i excused myself to go eat something sweet,he excused himself from my house by saying that since i was feeling well we could meet on the morrow...only tomorrow never comes! i sent him an IM telling him that it was obvious i was not what he was looking for and there was no 'spark' between us and that i was deleting him from my contacts..ok i loose out but he will be a delectable dish for some other lucky gal
going to a new year's eve party!!!may have something to write about and some new pics after that!

PAAAAARTY! the new yr. started off with a blast,went to my first swingers party a bunch of laid back social people,felt a bit like odd man out since i was the newbie and did not know anyone there,we each had to bring our own drinks and since i am not much of a drinker as well as having no way to a liquor store i bought a gallon bottle of sangria,soon as we got there the person that brought me introduced mne to the other members already there! there were already people in the hottub all naked and all femaleBBW
they hollered for me to get maked and get in the tub with me,i was a bit iffy about it for 2 reasons 1 i did not bring a towel(required) and 2 it was chilly and i did not feel like freezing my ass off, after debating wiht myself for about 5 min, i said 'what the hell'tok it all off and gingerly walked in.never been in 1 and it was very pleasant,warm water the jets hitting all the right spots,moonlight and a fire roaring a few yards away was all the mood needed for this sensual gal;had a hard time getting out, we had up to 6 people in there, but most were women, with lovely boobs floating on top of the water.
got out and dryed/dressed,ate a little, kept an eye on what is going on,felt someone massagging my shoulders,the man who brought me was right behind me i did not react that first time, but when the same thing happened a second time i turned around and hugged him, the hug turned into a kiss while his wife sat cuddled on the couch with someone else; to make the story short,we had a good fuck in a 69 and doggie, got dressed and went back in the living room.that night we slept cuddled together on the floor, we fucked a couple more times, 1 of which i had some ice in my mouth that i touched to his nipple and the head of his cock,while he said 'coooold, it's coooold!"

have attended an other party,this time i invited a guest,things did not go as snoothly for him or myself,seems i got drunk and hit on an untouchable, supposedly a voyeur only;ok to me if a man claims to b a voyeur and brings his wife/partner to a swingers party simply means that he losst his 'mojo' o rpossibly never had it to begin with.
next the new men i'v met:adventuredvr2234

a sweet face young man,hard dick will fuck for hrs ,how did we meet?he picked me up and we went to his pad, a motel style room on base,we both had a beer to kind of relax a bit then stripped each other went oral,felt great, had to do somewhat of a balncing act twin beds are not made for a large person to get fucked on .missionary n doggie preferred will make a good friend even if no sex i want him!
seasoned male, good looking ,fit ;been done wrong by a woman,but then what man has not! yes being female at times we tend to be bitches,if ur a submis holler at him he's a dom.will definately want to meet again!picked me up@ work,from there we went to my place where i asked if i could take a shower before we did anything,he said yes and could he perhaps join me,hell yea! stripped turned shower to warm and both got inhe soaped my back played wiht my soapy breasts and pussy i soaped him up ,mmmmmmm nice shapely ass soaped up his cock nice and slowly rinsed each other off ,dried and went to play or should i say finish what we started that is when he told me that he is a dom but with me snce i told him i am not submissive @all he said we would play equals we did a 69 for a long while then he got on top and fucked me for a while asking me if i was tired,heck no,i wnated more! harder deeper,loved the feel of his cock entering me , we got tired of that position so we changed to doggie deep hard thrusts from the back while i fingered my clit ,he repeatedly asked me if i was tired, no i wasn't even though we had been at it for over an hr,thinking he might be tired i asked if i could ride him,woohooooooo. slow deep strokes with me on top kissing touching..i playfully dangled 1 of my boobs in front of his face and said bite me! OUCH! he did both
and last but not least while in the doggie position i told him to spank my ass, OUCH,gonna have to learn not to say some things especially when with a professed dom,he didn 't spank gently made my ass red!and said i'm in the wrong site that i should have signed up with
no way,my feeling is that is where i could end up meeting a kook/krazy
he likes spontanaity and has a nice cock just right for a good sucking likes to have a pinch of danger to his meetings by that i mean doing things in the car where someone can catch you
hell i beleive he'd fuck in the open,like at a beach or park if given a chance i think i will keep this 1 also.
sitting here waiting for a call,since i don't have any wheels of my own i have to get around either on trolley or by cab,well 1 of the drivers asked for my # saying soemthing like mayb we could go out and have soem coffe,he said he's call today so we could set something up ....
have another party coming up middle of this month
Did meet the driverand he's a sweetie but lonely,i'm sure we shall meet again!
met diver again,and since my kids were home he found a secluded spot and we got in the back,give you 1 guess as to what we did back there .
Have started a new adult group on yahoo,some of you have already received an invite , am planning our first face2face meet for the second wk of march;wish i had more women in the group(sigh)or at least more couples....
almost St. pat's geee how time flies, just a few more days and it will be the 11th time for my paaaaaarty!hope i have a good turn out have had a couple of more meetings and am planning on a few more someone coming from out of town next wk ok ok i love to fuck,what's so bad about that? so long as i don't catch anything . if i really wanted a wild night i would invite ,oldog/welman/zeb/ dvr; they are all loving guys and with lots of energy
will write more AFTER the party.
wrote something somewhere but it seems to have disappeared like socks in the dryer got to get ready,about to be picked up for a 'date' even though i already had my cock for today,welman came over earlier to me he's a wonderfull lover,gentle yet wild at times, would love to have more of him! my life is getting more complicated,have couple of friends move in iwht me to help them out and me too since they will be helping wiht bills,but they are NOT into the lifestyle and i need to know when i'm going to be alone,also my husband has moved back in the neighborhood almost kittykorner from us and kids keep inviting him over,i don't know when i walk into the living room if HE is going to be sitting there...
while welman was here ,luckily i had locked my bedroom door,my kids came home and were told i was busy,go away, a few min.later the youngest 1 came to the door and hollered that his dad was coming over in a bit to watch a movie,so i had to tell wel that it was time for him to leave;after he was gone the young 1 told me he'd lied,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. he just wanted to get rid of my date... kids!
That same night i hooked up with a springbreaker
hornyguy49015;it was late at night when he came over,my friends and 1 of the kids were asleep the other kid was still at work,so i snuck him into my room*WG* he has the whole package ,young tanned cute and an excellent lover,ticklish if softly stroked at the right time and spot,i loved THAT!we fucked with him on top then i took my turn,and sucked him off till he came,so we laid back and i softly played with his cock and nipples and guess what,he got hard again ! just to make sure i sucked his cock for a bit then back to some nice hard fucking til he exploded for a second time we cuddled and kissed and talked for a bit more till he was ready for a 3rd time and did it doggie style,beautifull thick hard cock beautifull large balls and lots of energy,if he had stayed longer he might have succeeded in wearing me out i told him that my husband had moved back wiht his dad almost kitty korner from me to which he replied that maybe it was time for him to go since he did not like the idea of possibly getting beat up or killed.LMAO,obviously he does not know my husband....
he left ,but we may meet again before he goes back home,I know i definately enjoyed the experience
fuzzy came on over for about 30 min friday night, he is an intelligent presentable young man, we were going ot try and party the night after if he could find a baby sitter,since i have not heard back i assume he was not able to get away or i was not what he expected..when he finally showed up i had already changed into my nightwear hope all of you have had a HAPPY EASTER,i love the feel of boiled eggs so smooth puts me in mind of a man's balls after he shaves them ok ok so i'm also an egg sucker, give me a fresh egg and i'll poke a hole in it and suck it out...still looking for my first bi experience the couple living with me now are just friends but sometimes she has flashed her husband and i got a peek woohoo nice firm boobs,nice ass too ..

had a friend over on thursday night to take soem pics and while he was here and we were having fun (sex) who has to go and interrupt ,but my youngest son, he seems to have a radar
boy had to come into my room to get soemthing ,so i hurriedly hid my companion in the bathroom with his clothes once things started getting hot again, there came another knock,kid needed the fone this time,after these interruptions my mood kind of evaporated,i kept wondering when the next knock would be coming... I always enjoy the company of this man,but that night i couldn't wait for him to cum so i could sneak him back out of the house
hopefully my next encounter will be more relaxed and laid back
ok perhaps not an adventure still it was an excellent wkend... the
son of a good friend graduated from a university in s.carolina and
we went for moral support my sons drove us there ,we did get
lost a couple of times because of their impatience and not waiting
for the right exits,and i got hollered at because i supposedly did
not give them the right directions but when i told them that we had
passed the road or that it was ahead all got was an"i know what i'm
doing,do you wnat to drive?" typical male reaction
if you have not been to a graduation exercise it is 1 of the most
boring things to ever attend
after the graduation our friends took us to Thai restaurant,where
we ate like royalty,plate after plate of food..we began with
spring rolls but unlike the chinese these were not deep fried and
came with an extremely spicy dipping sauce then came thee dishes of
meat traditionally served at N.Y festivities,chicken in a cocunut
sauce, a wonderfull grilled fish whole with head and tail
attached,sauteed shrimp,salad wiht a fish sauce the only unpleasant
accent in that was the dry shrimp would have tasted better with
salad shrimps, the dried ones tasted like cardboard;our beverage was
Thai tea,and to fisnish it all off we had 4 differnt cakes, a
rasberry in honor of the couple's wedding anniversary,a cocunut in
honour of the anniversary of the Thai king's coronation, an apple in
honor of the boy's graduation and a tequila 1 just cause she likes
tequilas(my least fav 1)..while at the university their son
presented us to a music major and we had the pleasure of hearing
some original compositions
the day after we left for kentucky to see my daughter,and i was awed
by the beauty of the tennesee mountais,the road winding like a
ribbon throught them,praying the whole way as my sons took the
curving roads at high speeds if the limit was 70 they would fly at
we had a chance to meet with soem of my youngest son's
friends who had gone to that same school for 1/2 a yr. soon as
his sis told them he was here they came to the gate to say hey and
i took the opportunity to take some pics we had the chance to
visit for a couple of hrs,o yea some of them were also my
daughter's friends,1 in particular assured me that he had her back
making sure she had privacy when she wanted it and scaring off the
males that she did not so long as she was in her
dorm,he was in his, soon as she stepped outside he would be at her
side..I appreciated that since it is a somewhat rough enviroment
being a stated run remedial school...
on our way back to fla we had a couple of close calls simply
because the drivers,my sons, were tired and sleepy.. actually the
youngest ones eyes closed while he was at the wheel and my oldest
grabbed the wheel and poked him awake,then there was a car s topped
in the middle of an interstate and in trying to avoid it we almost
got hit by a semi
but now we are home safe if still a little tired and looking fwd
to my next adventure......

got some new pics too...woohooo

today 5/18/06 met another man a hornofplenty,met for lunch at 1 of my fav places and got to chat for a bit,at the end i kind of mentioned that i would like to repay him and have soeme dessert at the same time we both thought about it a little and decided that my place and his were out we could try a hotel but i didn't really wnat him spending that much especially since he'd just paid for our meal,then he thouhgt,what about his office? he is a professional with access to an office,which is most of the time empty,so we headed there luckily today was 1 of the slow days ,noone around, we went in and locked the doors,he has a couple of really comfortable chairs we sat and talked a bit morewhen he said that he was feeling a bit tired i got up went over and began rubbing his shoulders then kissing him,till i felt him begin to relax; then i slowly unbutton his shirt kissing and hugging all the time ,while he was doing the same, he was massagging my breasts and gently sucking on them,we took our tops off for better access then he began to pull my slacks down so i undid his belt and zipper taking his cock out i first kissed it gently then licked then sucked it while massagging his balls, menawhile i could feel his hand reaching between my legs massaggin my mound and by now wet hole.. I sat in 1 of the chairs and skooted my ass all the way to the end while he got on his knees and began to lick and suck my pussy,playing wiht my clit then he inserted his fingers in ,in a fucking motion that felt wonderfull.It would have been a ful out fuck if he'd had a comdom but since this meeting was a spur of the moment we did not go that far,still i hate leaving a man full of cum, so i pulled his cock to me and licked and sucked till he shot a load.Will we meet again? very possibly,am i easy? HELL YES.

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