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yakshack 51M
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3/30/2005 9:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

feeling fucked

Ever feel like your being fu$#ed? Figural of course. Been tryin to reach some local honey's for days and ain't gettin no response. What's up with that. Then out of the blue this chick from somewhere near pitts. emails me. So I start thinkin, this might be alll righhht after all. You know what I mean. Tells me her name is Christina. Says she's lookin for just sex, loves anal,oral,69,anything I want. By this time my hand is in my pants and I can feel my cock starting to throb. I,m thinkin to myself, what's a woman like this doin trying to contact someone like me? Must have bumped her fricken head is all I can figure.So I pull up her profile and damn it, chick didn't have picture posted. Can you believe that crap? So their I sit with my hand on my cock and I can't even put a face to the reason for my boner. What a bitch. No darlin not you,its just a figure of speech. Go figure. Woman cums along takes my cyber cherry and hell I didn't even know what she looked like. That was until later in the day. I received another email from her and damn if she didn't have her own home page. So I,m reading this page and all of the sudden, Bam it hits me. The picture. I,m sayin to myself, "what the hell is someone like that," so beautiful, "doing tryin to contact someone like me"? And for sex!!
Well anyway's, I finish scrolling down her home page and there it was. An ad. An ad to receive a free ID verification with your paid subscription to what ever the fu$# it was "I forget" but with this so called "free paid subscription" you can access all the nude pictures of her(and others) you can handle. Just call me stupid here but that free subscription, you know the one,the one that I just got done paying for. "Now maybe I'm wrong here for thinking this but, I believe I just got fu$#ed". I also believe all she was trying to do was entice me into paying for that so called free ID verification subscription. Guess I'll find out later. That is but one of the reasons I'm feeling fu$#ed.
Another is when I click on WHO'S VIEWING ME, nothing ever shows up. The number of viewers always says 2. Well it said 2 before Christina ever mailed me. Just tell me how in the fu$# it can still be 2? What'd she do pull my name out her ass or something? Personally I would like to be sticking somethin in her ass, if you know what I mean LOL. Damn it I'm a paying member and if I'm unable to communicate with the ladies then what the hell am I doing trying to score some pie off the internet for? Can someone help me with my situation? Straighten out the problem so to speak.

yakshack 51M

3/31/2005 1:51 am

still feeling it, help me out. want to meet or eat people from around the world. if your reading this drop me a line. d&d free. enjoy kickin back with favorite beverage while reading what everyones been writing. prove to me i'm not being fucked. lets be friends.

keithcancook 60M
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3/31/2005 9:39 am

I liked your story so thanx for posting it. Also, you will be viewed much more now that you have a blog. Most of em will be from far away, but I suspect that sooner or later a local girl will find herself curious to meet you. Blog on!

cillycece 38F
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3/31/2005 12:36 pm

Baby....if you were here or even close to where I am I would help you out. I also feel like I am getting fucked on here....And all I want to do is fuck--get me some dick and/or pussy....Sorry to hear about this Christina chick but babe I would love to help you out so you and I can actually get fucked by eachother.

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