My Most Memorable Men  

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12/15/2005 1:48 pm

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My Most Memorable Men

A tribute to the men who touched my life in such a unique way ~ good and/or bad ~ that they have become unforgettable. I learned something valuable from each and every one!

(Think: Bud Light “Here’s to you, Mr So and So and So and So’er” commercials ‒ it might make this post bearable for some of you)

Here’s To You

Mr Puppy Love Cherry Popper ‒ Because of you The Scorpions’ “Lady Starlight” will forever remain a reminder of innocence left behind, as well as, a timeless favorite. I’m glad you were my first.

Mr Ultimate Betrayal Loser ‒ Thanks to you I know that Karma really does exist and that the powers of destiny have one helluva sense of humor. Eat your heart out, darlin’!

Mr. Long Lost Eternal Love-er ‒ Thank you for the endearing-but-oh-so-crude nickname (only you could get away with that one!), for sharing the many uses of baby-oil. For not pounding my head against the wall ~ but giggling under covers with me when someone else’s head was pounding it. For proving two people can hang their heads out one door while traveling 40 mph after drinking too much alcohol and not get a drop on them. (One of the two was NOT the driver) For keeping a special place in your heart for me for the last 20 years……and….. finding a way to let me know it’s there! (ummmm……Special thanks for teaching me ~ 15 years later ~ that trick that made a certain errr sex act? position? enjoyable ~ opened up a whole new orgasmic world) You will remain my eternal first true love. The ONLY one that got away…….

Mr Not So Fast Runner ‒ Thank you for teaching me how to effectively chase someone until wearing them down to the point of surrendering in hopeless defeat. Persistence pays. Also, for making me aware that the chase is often the part that’s most intriguing and that “Italian” and “Stallion” are simply two words that rhyme.

Mr Drunk In Denial Sperm Donor ‒ I am eternally grateful to you for giving me one of the most precious gifts I could EVER receive and then further blessing me with your non-existence. The ring was nice, too. I truly hope your suffering has ended.
(no, people ~ I don’t wish him dead!)

Mr Serenading Tequila Deliverer ‒ To you, my irresistibly adorable friend, I give thanks for night after night of drunken courtyard songfests ~ most of which I can’t recall ~ but, I know they were fun! A bonus thank you for making my very first “porn movie viewing” a comical, even comfortable, experience. (“Mind if I smoke while you eat?” Bahhhh…ha…..ha…..ha…..ha) Rock On, ‘Bama Boy!!!!!!

Mr Shaky Electrician Mentor ‒ Thank you for teaching me not to fear electricity, but, to respect it. It is my occupational motto. Watching your hands shake uncontrollably while manipulating “hot” wires, prompted me to train extensively in first aid and CPR, very effective tools of the trade and in life. (Thank you for never making me use those tools, especially!)

Mr Two Dozen Paper Rose Maker ‒ To you, I give thanks for showering me with romantic gestures and a love that forever serves as a measuring tool for others to live up to. Thank you for the knowledge in non-traditional remedies and healthy living. Thanks for forcing me to appreciate fishing, good, thick hiking boots and that thin waterproof (more importantly, pee-proof) material (AKA a tent) that separates me from amorous bears marking territory. Thank you for filling our far too few moments together with discovery and adventure. And love. College basketball isn’t all THAT boring. (A big, gigantic thanks for buying me my first “BOB” ‒ battery operated boyfriend) Rest in peace, my darling.

Mr Sweet Poly-Amorous Plumber ‒ Thank you for taking me to my first Spurs game, advancing me to a new level of fan-dom, for showing me that people actually can “love too much”, for dancing so darn irresistibly cutely (my word and I like it!). (Mucho Gracias, big time, for taking me to my first Matchbox Twenty concert, advancing me to an EVEN HIGHER level of fan-dom. The obsession lives on!) Can’t wait till you discover I live one block over, now. Might have to reveal that little surprise soon!

Mr Better Mousetrap Builder ‒ Wow! Without you, I would have never known the art of creating something useful or decorative out of ordinary junk, my garage would have room for a car. I learned to view every angle, thoroughly, before giving up. You showed me the joys and dangers of overindulgence. I now know I can provide for myself quite nicely, thank you. Thank you for guiding me toward sexual exploration and freedom and the awareness of close up shots, on film, not being very flattering, for proving “pimp cars” get pulled over for no reason whatsoever and for helping me realize some people will never appreciate the sacrifices others make and favors aren’t always returned.

Mr Expert Sushi and Sake Orderer ‒ What an amazing surprise! Our memory making has just begun, but, you’ve already earned your spot on this list! I thank you, first and foremost, for helping me to secure a relaxing, luxurious, hospital room getaway, beats any vacation I’ve ever had! (wait…..I haven’t had any vacations…..oh well, I won’t EVER forget it!) Thanks for helping me appreciate sushi and sake, good wine and great friends and just “eating out”, in general. For teaching me that “Life IS too short for cheap beer”, for introducing me to rich, strong Turkish coffee, black, no sugar, served with a kiss good morning, gently encouraging me to GET MY LAZY ASS OUT OF BED! Without you, I might forget how much I dislike Sci-Fi and “adult” oriented cartoons. This list is rather lengthy, so I’ll have to thank you, privately, for the rest.
(One final Super Duper thanks for the privileged opportunity to witness a rather rare phenomenon. Frostbite. In Texas. In August. CLASSIC!!!!! One for the books…and on the ASS, even!!!! Love ya ~ Frosty)

To men everywhere, thanks for just being men! Providing me years of entertainment and frustration. I look forward to more for years to come!

* honorable mention recognition may be tackled in a future post *

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12/15/2005 6:42 pm

Just glad I can brighten your day...

drnick20054 28M

12/15/2005 6:57 pm

final us men get the props we deserve

merlin14922 54M
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12/17/2005 8:44 pm

Thank you for the compliment. BTW, love your blog.

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