Does Housework lose it's "Irony" ?  

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7/5/2006 11:39 am

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Does Housework lose it's "Irony" ?

Dear Bloggers,

If you're like me you probably get fed up of the constant tidying up and washing that has to be done day by day. I thought i'd share some of my thoughts and fantasies just to provoke thought and perhaps even make it a little more enjoyable.

Ironing : I do like to iron in the nude, in fact i always seem to get undressed in the home. But ironing for me seems more enjoyable nude and i'm not sure why.

Dusting : I've often thought of dusting a house for a female, with nothing on but an apron and a feather duster in my hand. You could be such a tease pinching my bum especially when dusting near some delicate objects, you're so naughty and so can i be with that duster (tickle) or something equally as big.

Washing : Seeing all that water and lather just makes me want to get clean myself and have a long soak in the bath, perhaps with candles. It's goona be at least 30 mins till cycle finishes so have enough time to be naughty. If you're on your own there's always the shower head !

Hoovering : Well here again with only my apron on and finished the dusting first, and now tim for some serious suction or is it seduction ? Perhaps it's now time to hoover up that long paper trail that you're leaving that ends in the bedroom, i must remember to pay close to those walls !

Empty Bins : Here's your chance to get me dirty, if that's your thing.

Clean and Shine : There's nothing like the smell of a nice clean and polish is there, makes the room smell so good. You can always add some nice candles in the room afterwards, turn the lights out and mellow with a glass of red or white wine afterwards.

Whatever you're doing today, enjoy it


RubyRedPetal 44F

7/5/2006 2:04 pm

I iron in the niff as well! But i do have a proper thing about men in aprons doin housework! Sexy as anything

* *

xxxtallorderxxx replies on 7/6/2006 8:34 am:

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