Trust, Respect and Kindness while playing the game!  

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1/23/2006 1:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Trust, Respect and Kindness while playing the game!

Hello, I am very new to this so forgive my naivety and ignorance.
I am an early 40's combat veteran of Desert Shield/Storm and Enduring/Iraqi Freedom. Watched the Tomohawks go across Saudi into Bahgdad. When our aircraft touched U.S. soil, I vowed to xxxplore fantasies that I never was able to and pursue the reality of fulfilling them. Realizing that I just may be able to help someone else fulfill thiers also without any collateral damage to a marriage or person.
I have been fotunate enough at this age to have met the love of my life and be pleased as no woman has ever done before. If we men would not be so selfish in receiving our sexual pleasure and gratification prior to pleasing our women, doors may open we never knew about!!!
I am now single and regret it greatly. Appparently D decided tht she didn't really love me and booked up! So now I have the house all to myslef and am looking for select females and possibly cpls to entertain. Only if you can be DISCREET!!!! She may return only it seems as though she has decided to go her own way!!1 Another man no doubt whcih is quite painful as I was totally true to her....Sooooo, I would still like to meet only attractive fit clean mature adult females bi curios or bi and posssibly a select couple or two for no strings adult fun. I am straight only would enjoy videoing or photoing a female or couple as long as you can be PRIVATE!!! I am a nice man with local ties and do not want others to know about encounters. There is the possibility of web or tape distribution outside the area and the cut will be u 97 me 3. Just to make ends meet and have fun!!!!! Let me know at chemhooahcorp at the hot mail place. Thank you and lets have fun!!!!!

xxxploringnew 52M/52F
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2/2/2006 10:30 am

It is only a game. No strings just fun. I enjoy tannning and taking care of my body as best I can. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. At 41 I still look decent I am told and yes, I do have another life besides this one just as I am sure you do. We should respect each others privacy and not "share" what happens behind closed doors! I am looking for attractive fit models and ATTN HUSBANDS!!!! I do not want to break up your marriage!!!!! Should I sense ANY emotional attraction the game will end. Hope to here from submissive females that will allow me to be in control and men I will telll you xxxactly what to do with your spouse with out joining in!!!! Thank you all for your time....

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