Dirty Old Trucker Man  

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10/12/2005 8:37 am

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Dirty Old Trucker Man

Today Sally and I decided to skip classes. For a week or so we were really good, and attended pretty much all of them. Of coarse being there was pointless, and useless. I just sat in my desk eyeing this totally hottie couple rows down from me the entire time, while my teacher blabbed on about god knows what. Anyways so instead of class we went city shopping, through little town stores and what not. Nothing really that interesting happend, accept when we were crossing a cross walk this old trucker guy honked his horn at us, and sally just randomly flashed him her ass in the middle of the street, along with anyone else who had been in sight. but he looked pretty pleased from her ass. he ended up pulling off to a parking lot and stopped to talk to us. For a dirty old truck man he seemed pretty nice, and offered to by us some lunch. so we went to this little cafe, and ate, i was really surprised, that for an older guy who only pulled over cause a chick showed him her ass, he really wasnt that sexual towards us. I figured he'd be wanting some action or something. He drove us back to school after, and then it was cute cause he shyly asked if he could see Sally's ass again, coarse Sally just yanked down her pants, i guess that was the payment for lunch. Then he wanted something from me so i let him squeeze my tits. it was kinda funny, because Sally and i started getting in this competetion with eachother. After he squezzed my tits Sally just pulls up her shirt ands like suck on my nipples to him, as if she was trying to beat me. Well i tend to be pretty competitive, so when i saw that she was challanging me, i just went right for it, yanked down his pants and gave him a hardcore blow job while he sucked on Sallys tits. After we left, Sally and i couldnt stop laughing about how competitive we got over this old dirty guy, who obviously tricked us into thinking he was some sweet little old man, cause he got pretty rough with Sally when i was giving him a suck, that little shy act didnt last very long i guess. But it was anything to bad.
But the climax of the story here is that on our way back to our room i run into one of my teachers. I mean out of the 200 some odd people in his class, he recognizes that i wasnt there that morning. So i have a "meeting" with him later on this eve. Sally said he was totally eyeing my chest, while we were talking. then i figured out why, i had a low cut shirt on and half my nipple was still hanging out. so i'll see what he wants to discuss later. I'll just put on a short little mini skirt and play it hott, hopefully he'll fall for it, and wont be one of those strict i like a clean school teachers.

redmustang91 57M  
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10/12/2005 11:37 am

This story gives dirty older men hope! So young and so hot! I need to go back to college to take some refresher classes. Adult education, what a concept.

rm_younglaguy2 31M
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10/12/2005 4:19 pm

...so... where do u go to school?

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