This aint no way to get Laid.............  

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This aint no way to get Laid.............

Hey, That's No Way To Get Laid

(Lyrics copyright 2003 by Joel Polowin. A parody of Leslie Fish's "That's Not The Way To Get Laid" to the tune of Leonard Cohen's "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye")

If you want a woman then you ought to listen to one
The Fish made some suggestions that might help you have some fun
First, don't ignore the scales or eat until you lose your shape
'Cause no one will want to bed you if you look like Moby Grape
Don't babble all your fantasies with all your kinks displayed

Don't play the cool sophisticate
Hey, that's no way to get laid

Now hygiene is important so you ought to bathe as well
And launder clothing often, women don't much like the smell
And when you see a pretty girl, coming into view
A proper introduction isn't "Heya babe, let's screw"
The details of your life are just as boring when replayed

Don't pour your life's story out
Hey, that's no way to get laid

Don't start by being gross, don't tell plump girls you like 'em thin
They're happier not knowing everywhere your tongue has been
Don't assume they worship you, your dick's no holy rod
And don't think that your feelings are some special work of God
Don't talk and act as dirty as a sailor cast-awayed

Don't look and smell like a buffalo
Hey, that's no way to get laid

xxxhandyman4u2 55M

1/29/2006 8:11 pm

check out the leslie fish version ....its available on the web for downloading ....Leslie is a hoot...alot of real funny songs called filks....I love her music...and shes a fixture at the pensic war too!...enjoy..........

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