Orwelles 1984: Higher Truths and Bigger Lies Behind The Real Reasons For The Immigration Issues  

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Orwelles 1984: Higher Truths and Bigger Lies Behind The Real Reasons For The Immigration Issues


Ever heard the words Haymarket Square, Oshkosh, McCormick Harvesting Works, Bay View Massacre? Probably not for they are intentionally left out from most Public Education history books or taught at the middle school level so that most will forget about this events when you are more into your adults years!

Have you not read Orwelles 1984 and do you now not see the cameras being installed in every city. Do you not see brainless "cops" who are more like legalized thugs who are indiscriminately arresting people left and right!? They are especially arresting young men and essentially conducting Vietnam era tactics and telling them that the only way out from getting thrown in jail is to join the military!

One should wonder if all this immigration issue is NOT really about securing the Border to prevent immigrants from crossing into this country or more about trying to find an excuse to construct a HUGE WALL to contain the American people right before the illuminati make their final thrust to implement their 1984 Style Police State of the United States! We already have the highest percentage of the population behind bars. The strongest and smartest males are the most valued residents in those maximum security prisons for these men are the ones that have a Pair of Anatomical Weights to stand up against oppresion!

I am not going to talk much about how conniving thieves, royalty, lords etc that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to steal, swindle, round up, killed, murdered, hundreds of thousand of Indians to take their land; then turned around an did the same to obtained the most fertile plains from the Philipines, Mexico, and finally divide up the land among themselves and set up boundaries, states, and borders and then started collecting Taxes ontop of that from clueless peasants.

How Ironic, you have real criminals in the highest level of the government who are “illegal” themselves in the land of the Native American Indians who came to this land and set up a government and then appoint themselves as custodians who now want to turn around and try to dictate who can and who can’t come into or live in this country!

Every person who is in this country, if you don’t look or have Native American/ Indian blood (this includes native people from the whole continent) then you are essentially an immigrant or sons and daughters of immigrants! And it is All immigrants, people from all over the world who have built this country and they too have all been abused/ trampled on etc by the greedy elites (descendents of royalty) and robber barons who were the ones who monopolized the businesses to keep you down! Names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Astoria, Vanderbilt and so on. First they steal the lands from the Native American and then they steal blood, sweet, and tears from immigrants to line their pockets with fortunes!

Stop buying into the current lie that greedy rich “white” people has been trying to propagate from the begin of the birth of is country in an effort to legitimize their strangle-hold on the rest of us which is that they are all 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 percent Native American!

One Example: The Largest Class Action Lawsuit in History.

These injustices, oppression, etc is the drive behind the filing of the largest class action lawsuit in history between American Indians, the Native American Rights Fund, and the Intertribal Monitoring Association against the U.S. government. Since the law suit was filed, it has dragged on through the federal courts, with numerous government officials, including two consecutive Secretaries of the Interior, being found in contempt of court for blocking investigations and refusing to carry out reforms ordered by the courts.

The lawsuit has revealed an outrageous long history of corruption, arrogance, paternalism, ineptness and downright theft of the part of the government, and in particular on the part of the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. For example, it has been revealed that the BIA has paid out some $700 million in tribal funds to the wrong people! It has also come out that it has been paying money into the accounts of 21,000 people who are deceased, and is withholding $50 million owed to individual American Indians because it has no address for them on file!

And this is likely just the tip of the iceberg considering the great lengths the government has been going to cover up what it has been doing. In the course of the lawsuit so far, the BIA has been forced to admit that it has already illegally shredded numerous documents,

American Indians are the impoverished sector of this continent, and are a people who have had to endure one tragedy and injustice after another at the hands of the U.S. government.

What is the strategy of the Evil faction within the U.S. Government? They are conducting strategies of attrition! They are helping create casinos, bars, etc all to make it extremely easy for the Indian to plunge into alcoholism, drugs, gambling, etc so that the younger generation can loose hope in their Elders and leave the reservations for the cities. The U.S. Government is hoping that the younger adults fall in love with average non Native Americans and thus will lead to future generations of children who are only 50% Native American, then 25%, etc until eventually the US Government turns around and says that if you are less than a certain percentage you NO LONGER have ANY Native American rights!

There was a Day when Native Americans from the North could travel to the South and vice-versa when Native American from the Yucatan Peninsula could do the same and travel North.

It is very simple How Can Criminals ethically pass “Laws”??? WAKE UP!!! It just stands and there are so many examples through out history that tyrants, oppressors, all these being true criminals that they are only going to pass laws to be in their favor! Machiavellian Tactics to induce Racism is a major pillar that props up Greedy American capitalism.


How Ironic???

We have one U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, saying one thing BUT then we have Bush and his illuminati cronies pushing for the opposite!

"Mr. Gorbachev -- Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Ronald Reagan -- Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall.


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