Is The Fire of Truth Hotter Than Hell: Satan and His Pawns Will Soon Find Out!  

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Is The Fire of Truth Hotter Than Hell: Satan and His Pawns Will Soon Find Out!


Unleashing the FIRE of TRUTH. Ushering Universal Love!

7th Heaven/Nirvana/ the level of Consciousness of the Perfect Man/Woman

** Psychological Lies are but SPECIAL RELATIVE truths, I bring GENERAL (RELATIVE) i.e. UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. Read Einstein's Special and General Relativity if you don’t understand this. The notion that the moon and sun revolved around the Earth was a "SPECIAL relative" truth for no one understood the workings of GOD. Now no one believes this special relative truth (if you do, you belong in a museum) for the General/Universal truth is that yes the moon does rotate around the Earth but the Earth rotates on its axis giving the impression that the Sun is revolving around the Earth!

Toppling the Matrix:

The Matrix/ Satan Matrix/ Matrix of Psychological lies/ Web of Illusion (/Hindu Maya) due to extreme deceit of intensive brainwashing leading to indoctrination can collapse on itself by:

Deconstruction / Reconstruction on TWO Levels

(1st) Deconstructing them through mental triangulation at both level 6 & 7.
(2nd) Reconstructing of TRUTHS using Circular thinking at both level 6 & 7.

(1) Level 6: The trinity of the Middle Path between Left and Right brains just as psychics, mystics, and angels do (6th sense/intuition) for simpler CONSCIOUS psychological lies.

(2) Level 7: At the even higher level using the trinity of the Middle Path between Conscious and Subconscious Brain of (Buddhist/Christ Consciousness) for SUB-Conscious {i.e. SUBLIMINAL} psychological lies!

CAUTION: Just as the Christ and the Angels, ALL Christians also need to learn to speak in PARABLES to avoid Mental Traumas of family and friends for in 70% of adults, the Brain/Mind has lost most of its plasticity thus this is why it is written that the SHEEP will fight back to stay in their comfort zone to avoid the mental anguish created when the Truth is so clear that they can’t bare it! Use a combination of Simple Truths for the simple things, Parables, and inverted truth to Spiritually Awaken GOD’s Children. Don’t focus on one person, don’t fight or argue with one, for he/she might not be ready instead move on to the next…focus on the WHOLE. These who are not ready to be awaken/alive when they are ready will come back to you!

How does one know these things? Natural System Thinking of Level 7 Consciousnesses. My two minds have fused into ONE. My Left and Right brains have fused into ONE and thus talk to each directly (I see both the logical/sequential and the big picture at once). Then this CONSCIOUS mind has also fused with my SUBSCONCIOUS thus my subconscious talks to my conscious directly even while I am awake. I sleep but not like most people, I am always semi awake. From another perspective, the 7th Chakra/Lotus light comes out of the top of the Brain/head where the two join. As a result I have a big blood vessel at the top of my head that is constantly pulsating!

FURTHER PROOF: After Einstein’s death in 1955, Thomas Harvey, a pathologist, kept Einstein’s brain in a jar. In 1999, researchers studied and compared his brain to 35 men and 56 women. Even though Einstein’s brain was normal in size, the lower portion of the middle brain (/parietal lobe) was 15 per cent wider than normal and in that region of the brain; there were more neural connections. The parietal region is responsible for mathematical thought, visuospatial cognition, and imagery of movement. Einstein's brain also contained 73% more glial cells than the average brain. They said that Einstein’s superiority as a physicist and mathematician can be accounted for by this difference in his brain. The Parietal Lobe is where the Subconscious and Conscious meet.

Just as all these universal geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Emanuel Swedenborg, Imanuel Kant, Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz, William James Sidis -- Albert Einstein also reached the 7th Level of Enlightenment!

The best known beings that reached the Overly Enlightened Luminous Level 7 were the Anointed ones that reached Level 7 on the trinity of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual realm: Buddha, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Krishna and most of the Great Prophets in the Bible and other sacred scriptures in most major languages that came into the world to topple tyrants/dictators and their oppressive institutions!

If the Redeemer was here, he would say: We are able to effortless affect every single person around us (millions upon millions) for GOD’s Truths are Universal Plus and thus apply the same to the Physicals, the Intellectuals, and the Spiritual Beings. We do this for we talk on 7 different levels of humans!

WARNING: Don’t let yourself be deceived by false Prophets. Don’t Reject He who brings you the Truth just as a few very innocent but extremely weak-minded Jews accepted the Pharisees and Sadducee over Jesus Christ! If you are doing evil now, I tell you repent yesterday, KNOW THAT GOD and ANGELS SEES EVERYTHING, your day is NOW!!!

Corruption by a significant faction outside and within Government from as high as the President, Congressmen, State Governors/Legislators, Lawyers, University Presidents, Police, Psychologists, to the lowest crook know that “I am full of the fury of the LORD; I am weary with holding in: I will pour it out upon the children abroad, and upon the assembly of young men together: for even the husband with the wife shall be taken, the aged with him that is full of days.” Jeremiah 6:11

The Ushering... Universal Love!

For I sought, I seek, and I’m seeking Love and Peace above all else yet you crossed my path by putting evil for everyone I love, know that I Will Bring Long Lasting Peace one way or another but before this comes, The Trinity/trisection time of tribulations is here for I am casting Revelations into the world. The First will be Last and the Last will be First! The trimming End of Days will commence for the First 1/3, the Satanists that has moved far away from the light for it has long been withering and dieing; oppressing and even corrupting the others! The ones that will be spared are the Third 1/3 from the vine that have stayed firm in their faith, followed and/or grown toward and in the LIGHT, from here will come the harvest for it is ripe. Let the rapture begin for the 144,000 Lions which will form the Pride of GOD.

I have unleash the FIRE of TRUTH… For those Evil-Doers it will be Hotter than the HELL you came from!

The Second 1/3 needed to repent YESTERDAY! This world is too small, there are no more places to go run to or rocks small enough to hide under!

Eye & Ears… Intuition & Passion

Not only should you use the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, but also use your heart to feel and most importantly your mind to understand all that is before you…For the Fire of Truth both penetrates the thickest skull and melts the coldest heart!

It takes thieves to catch other thieves; it takes generals to understand and defeat other military generals; BUT Only Christ understands Christ!

Thomas 5: "Know what is before your face, and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you. For nothing hidden will fail to be revealed!"

Thomas 17: I speak my mysteries to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries. Don't let your left hand know what your right hand does!

Only Christ Understands Christ!!!


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