Extensive BrainWashing Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) Mixed with Very High Level Psychology  

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Extensive BrainWashing Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) Mixed with Very High Level Psychology


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Until a few months ago this was beyond T.o.p S.e.c.r.e.t -one of the Country’ most highly guarded Evil Schemes! The information is now spreading like wild fire cross the land. The question that should be going through your mind while you read this is “WHY?”

Newspapers around the country will not print this for fear of US Government reprisals and don’t know how long this will remain for several sites keep violating my 1st Amendment Right and removing this information. Additionally I am bringing this to you at some danger to my own life!

Psychology, Human Nature, and Temptation

Sigmund Freud's psychological foundations of Frustration-Aggression theory.

Maslow's psychological foundations of Essential Needs theory.

Ivan Pavlov's Salivating Dog psychological foundations of Behavior Modification (brain washing).
Josef Mengele's (Nazi criminal known as The Angel of Death) conducted torture experiments on children/twins; the foundations of psychological fear/terror style trauma which expedites the indoctrination (/brain washing) process.

All these were not merely Ph.D. level psychologists/ psychiatrists but were “THE PIONEERS” in each of the respective fields they worked in. Now their work has been manipulated to produce the most Intensive and Extremely Effective Brain Washing known to man!

The key is Subliminal/ Subconscious Mass Propaganda

In Combination with Military Tactics!

CIA foundations in psychological guerilla style PSYOPS (psychological operations), hysteria (word-of-mouth spread message). Plus people are trapped in a “Keep Them Busy-Clueless” lifestyle scheme (i.e. are so caught up in their daily lives) that they don’t see what is truly is going on unless directly involved especially since this somewhat complex process is designed using PsyOps tactics of different types of “grey” propaganda coupled with misdirection / subversion & misinformation. “Grey” propaganda” are Psychological 1/2 truths that are also the fabled lies why Satan is named “Father of Lies.” They're so believable cause they're based on partial truths that somewhat make sense.

Tzun zu (Art of War) military manual referencing tactics of using overwhelming force (4-5 ratio) against single defenseless dads is being mimicked by Police Units around the country to shock, assault, car chase, and even shoot to kill fathers who are not aware and panic when the whole system has turn against them.

Domino Effect and Butter Fly Effect (slightly different): Once any piece of the scheme is put into effect, the rest quickly fall like dominos. Something so small are having a trivial argument can trigger a woman’s fear which sets a rolling snowball in motion and thus things quickly escalate out of control where when the whole system try to blame the fathers, the results being that even a once peaceful father will either shoot himself, the wife, and unfortunately others maybe even shoot the children, and ultimately police shooting countless fathers dead.

We have an international pandemic as almost every family disturbance and most of the police car chases can be attributed to this complex PSYOP evil in other “NATO” countries!

Machiavellian Tactic at Different levels

A. Alienating Spouse with Court Orders to increase tensions; referring wives to Women’s Shelters
B. Alienating most fathers from children increases stress and thus tendencies for violence
C. Additionally imposing “economic sanctions” on mostly Fathers (child support for something Congress put into effect! Many states already started to pass Pay child support or be a restricted driver.
D. The Attorney Generals offices, Police Stations, Court houses, Child Support, Child Protection Services, are all hiring most very young naïve females who are given special indoctrinated type classes so that they can believe that in what they are doing!
E. Same goes for the naïve police that they are recruiting!
F. The Special Victims, Women’s Shelters, and Women’s Advocacy, free unethical lawyers etc are all using gender biases and collecting tax revenues paid wages!
G. Then there are Judges nationwide and mostly all are specially appointed nominations to ensure greedy rich republicans who can propagate their evil conspiracies for years! Would like to start with rich Salado, Texas residents “HONORABLES” Judge Rick Morris and Judge Joe Carroll from Belton County, Texas 146th District Court and then their Lee Slatterfield from Washington DC Superior Court. They deserve special mention for they are especially guilty of conspiring with military and “special” ex-military JAG lawyers to ensure divorces for military couples (divorce them before husband get killed in Iraq, screw the widow out of any compensation). This is happening around every military base! For some reason Ritzy Salado has a disproportionate high number of this caliber of men, wonder if has anything to do with all the freemasons that live there!

Future Generations’ Indoctrination (Slow Brain Washing)
Award any and all children to only mothers! REASON:

When an opponent declares,
'I will not come over to your side.'
I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already…
What are you? You will pass on.
Your descendants, however,
now stand in the new camp.
In a short time they will know nothing
else but this new community.'" …………………………………………….. ~ Adolf Hitler

Children raised by only one parent will be either overly emotional but less logical (by mother) or overly logical but insensitive (by father). Children raised without the logical component will have considerable more problems later on in life. Mothers are doing their children an injustice especially to boys, because boys raised solely by mothers will not have the same ambitious drive and protective/ self-preservation instincts that is require in this society. Mothers can not see far ahead to know that they are setting up boys for failure because when they grow up to be young man, they will be taken advantage more easily by the same institution that did this to their fathers/ family! It is interesting to note that as advanced as the U.S. claims to be, the current Family Laws don’t take these basic principles into consideration BUT it does specifically state and pretends that they have the Best Interest of the Children in mind every time they help the military divorce a family!

The foundation of why this country is experiencing many problems and an exceedingly high divorce rate can all be traced back to 1961 right before and due to the U.S. war with Vietnam. Around this time most people will admit that there was a significant use of psychological neurological research in brainwashing techniques through both mental and emotional manipulations, drugs under the CIA program known as MK Ultra this was especially evident among many regular American college students and Vietnam soldiers. The reason for this, as many people from that time period can attest to, is that the CIA and military were working together and conducting considerable experiments with drugs such as mescaline and LSD/speed. The specific types of experiments were more related to how psychological effects impacted neurological activity in the human brain. These types of experiments basically correspond to behavior modification techniques similar to the one conducted by Ivan Pavlov, Abraham Maslow, and Josef Mengele who is known to have conducted criminal psychological experiments on children!

Social Re-engineering: Brain Washing Using Very High Level Psychology

The nationwide epidemics affecting over 75% of Americans is because this brainwashing scheme could not be implemented to affect only military members for no man would be stupid enough to join the service so instead they implemented the scheme nationwide to try to hide it from potential recruits and then also to make the high number of military divorces be comparable to the civilian rate. This is basically how the Army/ military has been able to force divorces since 1962 until around 1996! Each decade for every new war they kept modifying and adding a new twist. Around 1993, the Congressional warmongers and the Pentagon realized that it was fighting too many conflicts so in their greedy way decided to add another level and a few more twists to their evil.

The schemes rely heavily on Ivan Pavlov’s classical psychology experiment in “human conditioning” i.e. brain washing, to produce behavior modification and more precisely the accidental discovery of psychological trauma inflicted in the dogs during the flood! The scheme also incorporates and it is re-enforced by Josef Mengele’s (Auschwitz’s Angel of Death) unethical torture experiments as further proof that by psychological trauma/terror, people (in this case women) will more effectively and expediently accept whatever behavior modifications these sociopaths want to condition their victims to! Sigmund Freud’s Frustration Aggression drive theory is the foundation to both evil schemes plus it is actually used twice in different ways in the Domestic Violence scheme. First level is that to be able to produce escalating frustrations, the people that developed it had to have full understanding of this psychological concept.

The 2nd twist to the Frustration Aggression drive theory is actually misrepresented in all Domestic Violence propaganda that makes sense to most people reading it at face value. Millions of women are “vaguely taught” the male half and thus are helping create a chain reaction/ hysteria because the DV propaganda subliminally imprints a domino effect that all arguments lead to extreme violence! Basically, the propaganda is attributing or showing only the male half of “It Takes Two to Tango.” In Pavlov’s style conditioning, men have been anchored to violence through the widespread propaganda and with the CIA NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coined catchphrase “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” that within itself suggests that violence is within the home. If a husband & wife are the only ones who live within the home and if propaganda says men are the culprits, women (especially the weak minded) will naturally and extremely easily believe this too! Furthermore, the propaganda is so widespread that it has been subconsciously ingrained into the female mind that when they get into a minor verbal confrontation with their boyfriend/husband certain triggers go off and the wheels are set in motion. These triggers are how the Frustration-Aggression theory is coupled with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Any minor verbal confrontation triggers 2nd level needs of “Safety and security” overwhelm their 3rd level needs of “belonging.” The scheme is evilly designed to basically displace the institute of marriage with a women’s concern for her safety and security. The media is further adding to the propaganda/hysteria by broadcasting only the extreme cases.

In short Domestic violence is a perverted psychological half-truth to induce some type of mental manipulation that in some books would be referred to as mind control or mind . Mind would be more appropriate because this scheme is nothing more than mental manipulation through emotional exploitation of the weaker vessel. Basically this evil plot is using the same old biblical tools of the devil that is responsible for original sin-- exploiting the females’ physiological weakness i.e. her emotions. However, the main difference is that it more specifically producing psychological trauma/terror through primal fear (Maslow’s 2nd level needs of safety and security) to displace family and marriage (i.e. 3rd level needs of love and belongingness). This is done by anchoring and associating the fear/trauma through extensive grey/black propaganda (CIA terms) to the husbands/males. Grey propaganda the term by which the CIA deceives their victims into believing that information (usually lies similar to DV) is coming from a different source other than from the real one! This is the reason why most husbands and wives see the other spouse as the cause to their problems and then this adds to the frustrations between them/ helps generate the statistics that then fuel the DV LIE.

Many men and women have already started to see past this Big DV Grey Lie, and many more men especially have started to blame (backlash) the Feminists. However, these “Feminists” are not all true Feminists but just recruits to do the studies/research with CIA style loose statistics to produce stern supporters and thus compel these women to work harder/faster to produce the wanted results. Still a smaller percentage of people have seen beyond this and have started to blame the lawyers and judges, that is why many people in these occupations have been killed, lashed out, or threaten. This is also partially true, but an even lesser minority has pinpointed the culprit to the highest level of our “wonderful Legal system” and a disgraceful request by the Pentagon for passage of unethical laws at the national level (level playing field).

The phrase Domestic Violence is itself an NLP psychological catch phrase to associate the worst kind of fear with the home. This propaganda is then further reinforced through pamphlets and mass media. Based on Freudian and statistics only a tiny percentage of the younger population would have the proper coping skills which would adequately be able to withstand the extensive brainwashing and thus restrain themselves from using some form of violence between a husband and wife. This is why the military specifically recruits from the youngest, least educated, and minorities thus explains why young couples have the highest divorce within the military! Other extensive brainwashing schemes have been in place for decades but cumulative they have all cause this to balloon into a major epidemic. It is so extreme that it has specially hit hard the officers for their wives are slightly more educated and thus infect themselves faster from reading any propaganda! NO one in Government ever going to step up to admit responsibility, they will just continue to add lies upon lies to cover it all! Furthermore, the media is (or was) exploiting the small number of incidents and showing them over and over to produce in more hysteria/fear. Unscrupulous media services are actually helping create a chain reaction!

Based on Freudian and statistics only a tiny percentage of the population/couples would not have the proper coping skills which would thus result in some form of violent confrontation between a husband and wife. However, the media is exploiting the small number of incidents and showing them over and over to produce in more hysteria/fear. Unscrupulous media services are actually helping create a chain reaction!

The Bipolar increase in women is being caused by internal mental conflict between the inherit universal truths that GOD created men to love, accompany, mate with, and protect women BUT what is truly going on is that women are receiving both conscious and subconscious psychological lies that men are violent and this is being through intensive (Satanic) CIA-style developed schemes, Extreme Feminists, Domestic Violence, etc as is seen on major shows like Oprah and the news, media!

The result is that the subconscious is fighting back and trying to tell the conscious part of the brain that the information is not the HARDWIRED TRUTH while at the same time the conscious and subconscious propaganda are trying to erase and reprogram the Subconscious Hardwired memory with these EVIL LIES of Satanic proportions!

Psychologically Based Hyper Activity Is Leading Cause of Depressions, Bipolar, and other Neurological Brain Damage. drugs just add to the already existing problem! The Lost Fountain of Youth is all this stress that is responsible for premature aging; robs both sexes esp. women of their youth, beauty thus weaken soul.

Most police officers are extremely stupid ex-military infantry guys still you hear it all the time that most within the department already know/suspect what going no but none have the balls to do the right thing. I guess As long as they get paid, they don’t care! The few that do know are quickly being kicked out that is why every police department has a permanent recruitment ad in the newspapers! Higher idiots long enough on a probationary period to do the dirty work and get rid of them without actually signing of on them to carry firearms once they leave the job.

WHY?? The schemes has been modified gradually more and more since the 1960’s during the Vietnam War due to the Capitalist effort to control Communism! What does communism really means that it causes a minority of super rich greedy old man in power to implement such an pervasive evil scheme without any importance for the lives of every American?

This Portion Is Applicable Mostly To Military Service Members, Civilian Scheme Is Not as Easy To Explain But This Will Greatly Help!

The Pentagon’s/Army’s development of their unconstitutional and unethical psychologically designed Forced Divorce scheme and now their new phase II Domestic Violence scheme are both ruthlessly implemented prior to ETS date or War deployments. It involves persistently adding Negative Emotional Stimulus (/psychological trauma) to the females (both soldiers/wives) usually as soon as these women become part of the military system by coming into the Military or through their spouse. The military’s goal is to produce escalating frustrations within the family and specifically by turning spouses against each other (mainly females against their husbands). By keeping a history or by fabricating lies through their deceptive Family Advocate Program specially the Social Services and Federal/Military Police, they blackmail/scam the service members into staying in the service. All these agencies plus the company & battalion commanders use contribute by also alienating both spouses from each other through Military Protection Orders, etc to keep them from finding out the truth: Machiavellian. Each special military an federal agent involved against the spouses are mostly clueless “double agent” though some know what they are doing and are still going along with it! The military agencies/departments involved are aware (especially by the high ranking officials) that they are all being used for these evil schemes.

These departments are essentially “Double Agencies.” The military started to unethically also use the Chaplains (Priests) to video tape counseling sessions while service members were being psychotronically hypnotized. These sessions would then somehow mysteriously be “acquired” by the Mil. Police to fabricate criminal charges against one spouse or another (many Chaplains resigned). Next they then manipulate the wife into believing that her husband is crazy/ unstable due to military stress; this is where many false PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) lies come into play. Finally they pave the red carpet for wives to go and obtain and chose a “special crooked ex SJA/JAG laywers” from compile list handed to everyone of them at the military Legal office/ Divorce Assembly line. This ensures the Penatgon’s/Army’s ultimate goal of them not being legally responsible to provide any lifelong compensation (DIC) to the divorced spouse/wife to which she would have been entitled if she remained married and her husband (GOD forbid) died in War/on duty or decrease any possible compensation by 1/2 if husband became incapacitated! Though We already know what really happens at the VA hospitals! They too only pretend to give a crap about soldiers!

Compartmentalized Double Agents & Double Agencies

1. CRC (Case Review Committee): Unseen Machiavellian Puppeteers overseeing/ directing the different agencies.
2. Family Advocate/ Social Services counselors: Psychologist/ psychiatrist doing most of the brainwashing.
3. Federal Police: Legalized thugs Harassing civilian spouses
4. Military Police: Legalized military thugs Harassing military spouses
5. SJA/Legal Office: Find Loopholes and Figure out how best to Manipulate current Laws
6. Commanders: Initiating the whole Processing and “inside man”
7. Chaplains: Now limited to Videotaping Counseling Sessions

The Current American system is the most ingenious system of control/Tyrany/Oppression in world history.

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others. . .they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." - Robert F. Kennedy

READ CAREFULLY: The most important thing Christ did was PREACH, TEACH, SPREAD, and PRESERVE the Truth …Be Christ-like Saviors to your fellow Christians and every other American that suffers from the Satanic Tyranny!


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