Can You Bear Any or All The Intense Passions of My FIRE?  

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Can You Bear Any or All The Intense Passions of My FIRE?

The 7 Levels of My Fire!

1. RED Primal: raw, very sexual, from sweet and gentle to light S&M
2. ORANGE Survival: ensure your safety & security
3. YELLOW Companion: Friendship to Communal
4. GREEN Harmony Middle Path of compromise, Boundary for Reciprocity & Appreciation
5. BLUE Intellectual Connection: Knowledge, understanding, interaction
6. INDIGO Altruism: Good will to all individuals regardless if they were not your mate
7. VIOLET Agape: Highest spiritual selfless love as revealed in Jesus; accepting the totality regardless of flaws of everything having a purpose in the universe!

Note: They do correspond with the 7 colors of the Rainbow (ROY G BIV) for yes all things of the world are of GOD!

Happy Easter: May that we all ASCEND above the 7th violet astral plane (7th Heaven) and into Eternal Enlightenment to be with of our Lord Jesus Christ!



Since you all are so interested in this I figured I add a little more info!

The world revolves around the Divine number 7.

Why is 7 a sacred number: There are “7 stages of Man” (Shakespeare) which also correspond to the 7 major endocrine centers in the human bodies that when they all open up one, we see the wonders of Heaven and God, thus they correspond to the 7 levels of heaven (here on Earth)! These 7 endocrine/energy levels correspond to the 7 Chakras in the Hindu religion; which correspond to each level on the Pyramid of Life/Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; but when people fail to do the right thing and/or do the opposite correspond to the 7 deadly sins and thus to Dante’s 9 Levels of Hell (7 levels but the first is limbo and in the last one, the person becomes Lucifer/anti-Christ) as taken from the “Inferno” in “Divine Comedy!”

There is oppression at all levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The more you struggle or frustrated in the relationship/marriage the harder it is to rise to the top of Self-Actualization. You have to read Maslow’s 7 levels and compare that you the 7 Energy Chakras of the Hindu System and then compare both to Dante's Inferno (7 deadly sins. 7 vices, and 9 levels of hell). The 9 levels of hell come from 1 level limbo, next 7 levels are one for a deadly sin, and the 9 Level/9th Gate is the one which unleashes Satan himself.

The Seven Primordial Energies of the Creator are known collectively as the Elohim. The Seven Energies are also known as The Seven Spirits of God, The Seven Sages, The Sapta Rishis, The Sevens of Time, The Seven Rays and The Seven Elements of knowledge. These are the Seven Spiritual Energies of the seven back body chakras in us as well as in the Transcendental Body of Our One Creator.

Every Civilzation in the world especially the Egyptians, Mayans, and Chinese build huge Pyramids and each with 7 level/layers so that these truths can be seen by every one and also preserved for eternity!

Finally, Maslow, Dante, and the Hindu Chakra system say the same thing except each from a different perspective i.e.:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs(Mind): Survival-Logical Explanation (Earth)
Dante's Divine Comedy; Inferno: Physical-Sin Explanation (Avoid Hell)
Chakra Energy centers: Biological-Spiritual Explanation (Neurological )

YES the Holy Spirit controls when we are all ready to receive the gift of eternal light each person according to GOD timing!

** Satanists try to open up the energies/chakra through occult ritual and psychological trauma that can neurologically messed up people brains! They fry the neurons of the brain when it goes into hyperactivity.

HOW? Through Psychological Lies,
these(half-truths) are the fabled lies for which Satan is most famous for, i.e. the “Father of lies.” They are so believable because they are based on partial truths that somewhat make sense. This evil causes the brain to go into constant continual subconscious thought analysis and even hyperactivity when due to traumatic experience especially when under extreme fear your mind perceives that you are in physical danger. Danger leads the body to produce adrenaline and other hormones that act as physical and mental boosters and produce tremendous amounts of short-term energy. This increases both Mental awareness and Physical stamina and could lead to superhuman abilities. Still there are extreme high risks when under these condition for extended periods of time. Basically the long-term psychological/ neurological consequences can lead to brain damage/ mental health issues due to extended hyperactivity of the brain.

Bottom line! Psychologically Based Hyper Activity Is Leading Cause of Neurological Brain Damage. Drugs just add to the already existing problem! The Lost Fountain of Youth is all this stress that is responsible for premature aging; it robs both sexes but especially women of their youth, beauty, and thus weaken their soul as it evident through the loss of the sparkle in their eyes!

Hyperactivity of the brain will essentially break down the normal functioning of the different cerebral regions due to improper/ unbalanced production of neurotransmitters, the depletion of the proper brain chemicals/ neurotransmitters, the breaking down of serotonin and other chemicals acting as cerebral lubricants thus leading to chemical-neuroelectrical cooking/ "frying of the brain circuitry" (neurons), etc. When they breakdown it is like running your car with no motor or transmission oil... eventually your car’s motor or transmission will overheat and could result in permanent damage.

Seven is all over the Bible especially in Revelations and its in there for a reason.

For some people when they reach above the 6th level is call Christ consciousness

These are what most very intelligent prophets, philosophers, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus reached.

The Elohim is known by many names.

In Revelation in "The Bible" Jesus calls the Elohim the Seven Spirits, the seven thunders, and the sevens of time.

The Elohim is spoken of in "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" as the Elohim and the Seven Spirits.

In "The teachings of the Compassionate Buddha", Buddha calls the Elohim the seven elements of knowledge.

In "The Bhagavad Gita", Krishna calls The Elohim the seven sages.

In "A Course In Miracles" the Elohim is mentioned as the Great Rays.


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