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at long last

So, adoring public, I actually got my ass in gear and submitted an erotic story that I really admire. Girls, check it out, this is an awesome magazine:

I really really hope they decide to publish me. Here's the story I sent them. Comments are welcome.

Copyright 2005

Molly crouched over the steering wheel, doing her best to look invisible as she pulled into the parking lot of The Love Shack, fine purveyor of Adult Toys and Novelties. She would just die if someone saw her here, although she had driven thirty miles out of the way hoping to avoid that coincidence. The drive didn’t bother her, though. Her errand was too important.

Pulling into a parking space, she turned the car off and listened to the engine slowly ticking in counterpoint to the race of her heart. Her breath fast and shallow, Molly sneaked a glance at the storefront with its opaque windows, wondering. What kind of horrible twisted perverts lurked inside? Was she one too? Cynthia Black, from her Bible study group, had told her only loose women would dare to be seen in such places.

Molly was not a loose woman. She was a good wife; she did her duties of cooking and cleaning and servicing Billy in bed. He had nothing to complain about. But Molly wasn’t so satisfied. In the year they’d been married, she had not had one orgasm during intercourse. After holding on to her virginity for so long, she was rather disappointed that no matter how hard they tried, an orgasm during sex hovered just out of Molly’s reach.

Molly was near-desperate a week ago when, standing in line at Safeway reading the latest issue of Woman, had discovered that 70% of the magazine’s readers depended on a device called the O-XXXtraordinaire 2000 to ensure that they got theirs in the bedroom. The page was crowded with testimonials from ecstatic readers who claimed that even their husbands appreciated the toy’s buzzing pleasure.

So, with a firm recommendation from seventy percent of America’s loose women and directions from Mapquest, her mission was born: to hunt down this magic toy, get her husband drunk and introduce the O-XXXtraordinaire, thereby transforming their sex life. Now here she was, she realized with clammy palms, and all she had to do was get out of the car, walk into the shop that was probably filled with deviants and dirty old men, and buy it. She cringed, skin crawling. Then, before she could think herself out of it, Molly grabbed her purse and slammed out of the car, making a beeline for the shop and its naughty contents.

She yanked open the door with its sticker advising minors not to enter. As a bell jingled over her head, a blush flamed up her cheeks. Did she look like a woman who would buy a vibrator? A woman who would enter a sex shop in the middle of the afternoon looking for something to masturbate with? Molly savored the naughty thrill that curled through her stomach. She dared not give any of the customers eye contact, instead grabbing the first video she saw and feigning great interest.

Good heavens, she thought, studying the box. That girl was getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey! Molly leaned forward, peering closer to make sure she had her anatomy correct. Well, yes, that did look like a big fat cock stuffed into a tight hole, but there was another one right there, and one in her mouth…Molly’s thoughts reached the inevitable conclusion with a nearly audible click and she gasped.

She nearly dropped the video, fumbling to put it back between Anal Princesses #4 and Taste of Cum Volume Two. Molly’s eyes widened behind her oversize sunglasses at the gang-bang section, and when she stumbled onto a row of films featuring barnyard animals she stifled a cry of horror and pushed on through a beaded curtain.

Oh. This was much more like it. As the curtain rattled behind her, Molly removed her sunglasses with a trembling hand. Rows and rows of dildos stretched up the walls, hanging down towards her like the fruit of some ancient and arcane tree. Mesmerized, Molly realized they had everything, from small, innocent-looking toys to the ones in the corner that would put a horse to shame.

With such a smorgasbord of phalluses before her, Molly admitted that she was a trifle overwhelmed. Which did she like best, glittery or plain? With moving parts or a single source of vibration? Molly always had trouble making decisions, but she was determined to walk out of the store with an anonymous pink plastic bag. Finally her eye fell upon the Holy Grail of sex toys: the O-XXXtraordinaire 2000, in all its jelly-rubber pearly pink glory. Her hand shook as it closed on the box. In a trance, she removed the cardboard and tossed it away, holding the vibrator aloft.

A noise behind her made Molly jump a mile. Caught red-handed molesting a sex toy! She frantically replaced the vibrator on the shelf, forgetting that she’d taken it out of the box. It rolled off the shelf and clattered to the floor, striking at an angle so as to twist the knob on the end and turn itself on. Molly gasped, watching the very nightmares she’d had about coming in this godforsaken place come true before her eyes. In slow motion, she bent to pick it up.

As her fingers closed on the faux flesh of the shaft Molly saw footsteps pass by the fringe of curtain. “Goddammit, Joe, every fuckin’ time you’re in here the machines eat your quarters! Might be your jizz gumming the coin slot, you ever think about that?” The cashier was followed by a customer, undoubtedly a worse pervert than she was. Molly breathed a sigh of relief as they passed. Apparently they hadn’t heard the O-XXXtraordinaire buzzing.

And now that she thought about it, Molly hadn’t really heard it either. In fact the noise could easily be covered by running water. A shower, say. Another grin passed over Molly’s face as she sat on the floor, still clutching the gently buzzing toy, considering possibilities. She turned to look at the vibrator with an almost conspiratorial expression on her freckled face.

Molly told herself that she was just being a conscientious consumer; she didn’t want to get home and discover that she didn’t like it at all. She was loathe to ask about the return policy in a place like this. So, she reasoned, it was just like trying on clothes. Dirty clothes. Molly lowered the O-XXXtraordinaire into her lap.

At first it tickled, she noted, even though its movements were heavily muffled by the fabric of her jeans and panties underneath. She closed her eyes, afraid that any moment the clerk would come back with his disgusting customer. But wasn’t she just as bad, she reasoned, getting herself off in the back room while people shopped outside? Molly recognized a naughty flutter in her pussy it grew moist.

The buzz faded completely as she nestled closer to the vibrator, placing it tightly between her legs and enjoying the tingles emanating from her pussy. Moving the toy across her clit, Molly gasped, suddenly so close she could barely stand it. Never had anything rivaled the speed and efficiency with which the O-XXXtraordinaire hurled her towards orgasm. Her panties were soaked, offering her no resistance as she ground her hips into the toy. The seam of her jeans was a hard ridge that pressed on her swollen clit.

Trying to ignore the telltale trembling in her legs that signaled she was close, Molly struggled not to moan. She had never thought she was the kind of girl to do something like this, to touch herself when she might get caught by the clerk and his perverted friend. Her clit jumped at this train of thought, and Molly arched backwards against the O-XXXtraordinaire. In fact, she thought, heedlessly bucking against it, she might get caught right now, oh my God she heard them, they were coming back, they were going to see Molly touching herself, making herself come!

With that thought Molly jerked wildly, gasping at the whipcord of pleasure that cracked through her body. She shuddered, caught in its grip. On and on she writhed against the vibrator, dizzy and short of breath with the fireworks erupting in her clit. Finally the explosions dimmed.

Molly slumped to the floor to catch her breath, managing to click the vibrator to the “off” position with unsteady fingers. Those loose women had not been exaggerating.

The thump of feet in the hallway brought her around. Molly struggled to her knees, batting hair out of her face and scrabbling for her handbag. “Shit,” she muttered, still clutching the O-XXXtraordinaire in one hand. Carefully she tucked it into her purse and picked up the box, smoothing her hair and taking a deep breath. As she walked to the register, her knees trembled and her clit felt like a swollen berry between her legs.

“That’ll be twenty even,” the clerk said, eyeing her. “Unless you want some batteries too.”

Molly nodded, unable to meet his eyes.

“They come in packs of six or twelve,” the clerk answered, giving her a shit-eating grin. “Which you want?”

“Twelve.” Molly’s voice was a squeak. She pushed her money at him, then snatched the batteries and ran out of the shop. As she pealed out of the parking lot with the wind in her hair, Molly smiled again. Twelve batteries wouldn’t nearly be enough.

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12/11/2005 12:23 am

Baby, I love you! And the best part of this entire thing is that I know you love me too! You are the best and always will be. Accept nothing other than the best, because that is what you are!

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