I am free on Moday, Jan 2nd all day...and night. Let's hook up  

xxsecretskeptxx 29F
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12/31/2005 12:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am free on Moday, Jan 2nd all day...and night. Let's hook up

Alright, here is the deal. I get way too many messages to respond as quickly as you gentlemen would like, I know. And honestly, I don't feel like searching through for a Monday man.

So, if you are available for anytime on Monday, here is what I need from you:

1) When are you available?
2) Where would we meet up (ex: your house, somewhere public, hotel, etc)?
3) Sexual goal for Monday?
4) Face pic, always require a face pic. (If you've sent me one in a message, let me know)
5) I need your response by 12am Monday Morning. (Obviously, you either must be online for me to respond or provide me with another way to get a hold of you)

This is what I want - I want a dick to suck. I want you to coat my throat with your cum, loads of it. then I want to fuck harder than ever imagined. We should both be dripping sweat by the end of session one. I would prefer two guys or more at once, but if you can handle the job by yourself great.

If it sounds good to you, respond to this blog.

If I like you, I will send you a message with my phone number - yeah, I'm that serious.

verypierced65 51M
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12/31/2005 1:11 pm

hey just read your blog and i think i could meet your needs as for fucking you hard i have a tendency to break stuff from fucking it so hard i weigh 245 and im prity muscular and short so once i get in you i can realy dig in and fuck the snot outt of u till you pass out than when you wake up in the middle of your next orgasem ill fuck you even harder till you beg me to stop than illfuck you even harder till u pass out a couple more times than probebly eat your pussy and ass for a hour or 2 than after you just cant take any more ill skull fuck u for an hour or so than rub one out on your face and make you eat it off your face oh and i am a body piercer and have lots of interesting things in my penis for your pleasure if you think we might have fun e mail me AdultFriendFinder ttys rich

rm_mellowone47 69M
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12/31/2005 2:11 pm

Well, if it really turns you on to fuck guys twice your age, how about three times your age? I've got the attitude, intelligence and bondage toys to make it a really interesting all-nighter. While I certainly won't denigrate the sheer potential of youth, it pales in the face of creativity and experience. I'm bright, creative, kinky and very very sexual.

If you can see the obvious potential there, great! If not, I'm sure you have literally thousands of "little boys" to satisfy your momentary needs. When you get bored with them, drop me a note.

PebbleB2005 54M

12/31/2005 2:31 pm

Monday, 4:30 AM before the sun rises, in the dark of a strange edgy room, smells of two men, both bodies of steel and cocks too long and thick. In SF or down in Monterey where we both are. One white, one black, both handsome and longlasting hard that breaks a sweat in you even before you see us naked.
We meet in a local hotel where we can stroke a fire in the fireplace and in you.
Sexual goal for us: Taste, touch, penetrate, and squeeze every ounce of femiminity from your body, from every hole, and finally have you, the first one able to, deep throat either of our huge hot red-skinned cocks. Not just sweaty in the end, but almost unable to drag into the shower before leaving after dark has come back.
We double team and double penetrate, so the new year already can't get any sexier, but....
it does.
Sexual goal for you (from us): Destroy the boundaries of the skin so male and female flow out and into the other, world without end, a2men, and awoman.
Best this week? Best this year? Try best ever, forever.
Be real and be there...
With us.
{photo handle}

rm_mike34actual 33M

12/31/2005 3:32 pm

I am Free all week so anytime Monday is fine.
I am looking for the same things you are. I like to force my cock down throats and talk dirty while we fuck
i can get a hotel room in your area as long as you respond to this in the next two days
hope we can work something out

FetedCelloBeefs 47M

12/31/2005 3:49 pm

I've had to deal with lil sluts like you before and liked it...I'll drive up to SF and get a hotel if you want...I'll cum 3 or 4 times within hours if we met...

jonnyrocket5 41M

12/31/2005 5:07 pm

OK...here is the deal...monday I'm available any time so you make the call...as to where, I say we get a nice hotel room in the city or wherever is convenient for you...my sexual goal for monday is to make sure neither of us forgets our fuck seesion for years to come...that means we have to do some serious, crack the plaster on the walls, headboard banging soaked in sweat fucking...I've sent you face pics but I will do so again along with my number...lets hook up...

rm_8senough4you 52M
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12/31/2005 6:37 pm

I'm free also. Lets hook up so I can give you a tounge bath, before make that pussy sore

IneedaBADgirl05 38M

12/31/2005 7:09 pm

Alright, heres the deal...
Fuck these old guys, and these 245lb dudes. You wanna get fucked hard?
Ill tell you what- You let me eat that sweet pussy for at least 30 minutes, and then we'll switch to 69, and Ill let you TRY and deep throat this big, beautiful cock...
After that, ill bend you over and fuck the shit out of you and rub your clit until youve cum so many times, youre shaking and forget where the fuck youre at.
Then, Ill shove my cock BACK down your throat, and let you try again to deep throat it...
If youre still concieus, Ill throw your sexy ass on the bed (or table or whatever) and put your ankles up to your neck and beat that pussy as hard as you want until youre whole lower body is numb...
After that, you can have it any way you want, and Ill be more than happy to shoot my spunk down your throat, and all over that sexy ass face of yours...

Then, round 2 is up to you...


HIt me back. You want this. Trust me.

NevetsHere 50M

1/1/2006 11:36 am

Of all days, this Monday is not much possible for me...truly my loss! You're welcome to come over, later in the day, but throwing you down for a good hard fuck is not in the picture--unless its a quickie in the evening bending you over outside--or getting out and playing in the hot tub (my friend would most likely be up for that if he's around, too). But, not the good hard fuck like I want to give you.

I sent you a couple of replies, one with a recent pic. There's a lot in there for you. I will be online to start (AdultFriendFinder IM).


razoolicku 61M
2 posts
1/1/2006 4:31 pm

well there princess heres ur damn beer now let me help you out of those clothes and give you the lickin you deserve. am in 209 area and will meet anywhere thats good for you There is a pic on profile

jonnyrocket5 41M

1/1/2006 7:14 pm

Clock is ticking....who got the golden ticket?...lol...will be the luckiest bastard on earth come monday...or cum monday, as the case may be...

rm_sinistersays 41M
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1/1/2006 7:34 pm

This is how it will go. I'll go to you anytime of course. Early in the day is better that way we have all of it and the night or until Im done with you. I'll get a room, you wont saying anything I dont even want to know your name. Ill throw you against the wall, force you to your knees, fuck your face, make you give me the sloppiest, hardest suck job. Youll gag, you wont be able to breath. Then pin you to the ground and ram you from everyway. Then back to your mouth I want the back of your throat sore so you cant even say bye. Oh ya...you bring the sandwhiches...laughs...

TiberSellaNomen 42M

1/1/2006 7:46 pm

1) When are you available?

10pm and after

2) Where would we meet up (ex: your house, somewhere public, hotel, etc)?

my house, I can pick u up if you need a ride.. or we can meet in public

3) Sexual goal for Monday?

to use you and your holes for anything I want. Especially your throat.

4) Face pic, always require a face pic. (If you've sent me one in a message, let me know)

you've seen me on my cam.. we were gonna meet when you lost ur phone, remember?

5) I need your response by 12am Monday Morning. (Obviously, you either must be online for me to respond or provide me with another way to get a hold of you)

you have a text message from me on your phone.. or AdultFriendFinder

rbnf440 55M

1/2/2006 12:33 pm

I'm surprised you didn't get hundreds of responses !

jonnyrocket5 41M

1/2/2006 1:53 pm

Congrats to the lucky bastard(s) who got the call....

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