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8/25/2006 6:41 am

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Okay fellow AdultFriendFinder trollers.....I need to clear the air on something. I'm obviously giving the wrong impression in my profile in regard to my feelings on men. I'm getting alot of mail telling me how cynical and jaded I am. Everything I've said is how I feel, but let me elaborate a bit so some of you that misunderstood can get it. I don't hate men. I LOVE MEN...LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. My god, what a world it would be w/out men. Well, I'm sure if you asked a lesbian she would tell you it would be a great world. Thank god I'm not a lesbo...only half of one. Not even that...lol...maybe an 1/8th. Anyway...Yes, most men are pains in the ass in one way or another, but so are women. Yes I do get tired of being jerked around. Men that just can't come out and say what's on their mind. But that's indicative of men, most men..Please don't write and say "no, not all men, I'm not like that"..I already know there are alot of great guys out there. I've met some, loved some, married some..divorced some, made great friends with some....Especially fellow AdultFriendFinder pal Rench69..we met couple of years ago and still going strong as friends with occasional benefits..but friends first...So, no..I don't hate you ...I love you....can't stand some of ya...but love ya all nonetheless!!!

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8/25/2006 12:17 pm

You are def. not a man hater. You are probably just too deep for some to understand. In those cases, who cares? I certainly appreciate your views and I can see by your blogs, others do to. Mind, body , soul.....you have it all.

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