Life is short  

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1/9/2006 12:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life is short

I was really bored today... extremely, extremely, bored really, and there was nothin on tv, and I didn't feel like playin I decided to cut my pubes. I was very safe. I used those little preschool scissors with the plastic handle, and the skin safe blades. Well I was just laughing about this when... I guess I jiggled or something, and snip! I took a patch of skin off my balls! Then I of coarse screamed bloody murder. I didn't wanna call 911, cuz it was so embarassing, so I called my "friend" Amy, who just laughed at me. There was a lot of blood from that little cut. I decided to wait it out, got in the shower, and soon the bleeding stopped. I'm sure that I was in no danger of dying at any moment today, but at the time I thought I was gonna bleed to death in my bathroom with my pants down.

rm_jynxgurl 30F
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1/9/2006 5:03 pm

lmof sorry I have to laugh at you too. that is just too much!!!

rm_Gobblenob 49M

1/15/2006 3:13 pm

Never, I repeat, NEVER try to shave your balls with a beard trimmer! I did this once, cut a V shape in the skin right in the middle of my sack, and bled for most of the day. I spent a fair amount of time trying to think of a reasonable explanation should I need to get stiches, but it finally stopped.

Lessons learned, LOL

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1/23/2006 2:30 pm

hahaha! I new I wasn't the only guy who's had an accident

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