I got my ass handed to me at Warped Tour..and I liked it...  

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7/28/2006 4:50 pm

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7/30/2006 10:31 am

I got my ass handed to me at Warped Tour..and I liked it...

Yup, yesterday me, Briana, Tiffany, Amanda, and Chelsea all went to warped tour baby! It was fuckin awesome as hell, Aiden rocks my world...yumm...anyway, Everything was great, moshed alittle ya know, Then AFI went on, I'm in front, well, like, kinda front. EVERYONE WAS GOING CRAZYYYYYYYYY!!!..I was being shoved back and forth...ahh..Then, someone pushs me down, some guy (awwee he was a sweetit) helped me up and punched some guy who kept steping on me, I started to have like, a panic Attack, so I'm crying and wanting to get out because I kept getting punched and shit, then some fuckin kid body surfing falls on me, I cant breathe, The guy helped me again (awe) then him and 2 other kids go to lift me up, and I start freakin and screaming "No, No!!! please dont" He yells back "You have to fucking get up if you want out!" I cry harder because I hate being screamed at, so I body surfed out, and like, passed out, lol, I was crying for awhile, mostly because I missed AfI and only saw them alittle from the side, and because I felt pain all through my body...but I got free water lol. All in all, It was fucking worth it! I got my ass kicked at warped tour!!! And I am happy about it. The thing is I never got to thank that guy, so yeah...Thanks. I also got lost from Briana and Tiff like 2 times...that sucked..Tiffany let me drink some of her water and so did chelsea..awe lol. Because of this though, I look like shit, I'm all scratched and bruised, so I'm not meeting anyone for a few days. Oh yeahhh, And i dyed my hair, well, Tiffany did, yay, Its red and my bags and tips are black, I'll take some pics later. And she did it for free..aweee I wuv my tiff tiff. Anyways, I'm gonna go jump around my room now...Bye.!!!


xxscalerunnerxx 38M
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7/29/2006 2:03 pm

kaila u are awesome. u are really a cool chick. give me an email and maybe u can come to philly and see my band play. u can mosh around backstage where u wont get beat half to death. u are so hot.

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