Damn love...  

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5/5/2005 9:35 am

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Damn love...

I realize it has been several weeks since my last message where I described my meeting with Catherine outside of the office and I admit that I have been a little puzzled about why I haven't posted another message since then.

I've come to realize it's because Catherine was different in so many ways. She was extremely feminine, attractive, confident, intelligent, and even though she managed to keep it hidden, she was driven almost obsessively by sex and her own insatiable erotic desires. There was almost nothing sexually that she wouldn't do, explore, or experiment with. But let me make this very clear, from the tame to the most outrageous sexual situations that we occasionally found ourselves in over the years, Catherine was always a lady. With just the two of us, or even at times where we were with other couples or in groups she was always the same.

There were so many times I had seen her, or been with her, when she was so deeply involved in the intensity of her own sexual pleasure and desire that she seemed almost possessed yet, she never slipped away from herself.

I remember so many times, as she moved closer and closer to an orgasm, her body straining against mine as I thrust myself deep and hard into her vagina, her hands clutching my back, her nipples erect, her constant erotic and 'dirty' talk with demands for me to fuck her harder. The cries, and erotic whispers that slipped from her lips as her own orgasm flooded over her again, and again are now just memories that secretly emerge within me sometimes in the moments before my own orgasms in other women. In the darkness, in the intense few seconds before I ejaculate...I see Catherine's face on the woman beneath me.

That's why it's hard to write about Catherine. To do a follow up about her. There is so much to her as I know exactly how unique and sexual she was/is. I have led a very sexual life with many, many experiences (some good some bad) yet, Catherine taught me about women, life, and about myself. Some things I will never be able to share with anyone...and I think that is a good thing.

Damn love!

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