men's fascination with the "two women" deal  

xtremebuilder 57M
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6/21/2006 8:36 pm
men's fascination with the "two women" deal

Just wanted to share. Ya'll women, at least I believe, think that that men's fascination with two women being together, or being with more than one woamn is because we are dawgs, or horny, or just plain deviates!!

Let's set the record straight, at least from my point of view ( which is the reason we have blogs, I guess).

There is nothing more sensual in life then the voloptuos, soft form of a woman's body. There is nothing more exciting, at least to this man, of the female figure, the soft skin, the rounded curves, the delectable taste of lightly scented erotic zones that turns us on!!

Now combine that, two absolutely sensuous, soft, beautiful bodies intertwined, loving, feeling, enjoying the intimate sexual touches together. Nobody knows another woman's body and senses better than another woman. That's what you all have taught us, how CAN WE COMPETE?

That's the point, we don't want to compete. We (or at least want you to show us, educate us, allow us into that inner sanctum. Otherwise, we'll just watch and enjoy when we can!!!

Nothing like a single guys view, eh????

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