gotta do sumptin' about these pics  

xtremebuilder 57M
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6/24/2006 12:48 am
gotta do sumptin' about these pics

Alright, somebody has got to help me out with this. Not asking for sex, not asking for perverted stuff, just need somebody to take some relatively decent pics for me.

Do ya'll realize how difficult it is for a man to take a pic of himself? Women have all these great curves, soft sensuous skin, sexy body parts. They can take sexy pics of themselves without a problem.

Men are rough, hairy, out of proportion and simply ugly beasts. A woman with a keen eye could draw me with a crayon on a cocktail napkin better than I can take a picture of myself!!!

I've got the camera, I've got a boat, I have a huge backyard.............anyway, any amatuer phtographers wanna try to make my profile better??

I think the tape measure is losing it's luster!!



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