What's a guy to do??  

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6/23/2006 10:13 pm

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What's a guy to do??

Hey ya'll. I almost hate to post this, but at the same time, blogs are supposed to express views, and maybe actually get other people's opinions.

To start out with, I am living with the sensitivity, or maybe the paranoia of being a single man. Somehow we have become the lowest form of scum on the earth. I understand some of the thinking behind this, please don't get me wrong, but in our history, our country's history and the world history, it has always been frowned upon to lump an individual type of people into a set of "known" criterea. Yes, there are many single men that are assholes, there are many married men, pretending to be singles, screwing it up for us, and there are many single or married men pretending to be couples that are making a bad name for us. Us, as in, the truly single, decent, hardworking, caring, not committed guys that are simply looking for happiness. Looking to take care of someone, looking to share with someone, looking to be taken care of.

I can tell, talking in the Carolina's room, that there really are good, honest, single men out there. Albeit, the majority of them are older, and I use older relatively (shit I'm 45, don't think I'm gonna die soon), but they are out there. I just don't see them getting a chance, The percieved immediate conception is, "He must be lieing", "He must be married", "He must be a player", "He must be ugly".....etc., etc. etc.

Single, honest men simply don't know how to play the chatroom games. And, (Ihate starting a sentence with and) because of that, we don't know how to proceed with this game we call "om-line dating".

I had a really nice lunch with somebody recently. It only lasted about an hour because of work. We started chatting later and she had received a phone call about how I was chatting with someone else earlier.

I simply don't understand that. Why is this an issue? We simply had lunch, had a great conversation, enjoyed each other's company and by a simple phone call, it became a huge drama, a soap opera. We could possibly go out again, but now I have to worry, who is looking over my shoulder? This person apparently said I was going to meet with her and she said I chatted on yahoo im with someone else. How would this person know I was chatting on yahoo im with someone else? I don't even know who this person is, but I planned to fish with her on a Weds, when I have to be at work????

It was so dissapointing, to have a nice lunch, and then have to deal with the chatroom drama the same evening.

Ladies, gals, ma'am's.....there are actually good, honest single, intelligent males out here! I can understand your frustration with the assholes, but keep in mind, we are out here!

*Steppin' off the soap box*


VCF1962 104F

6/23/2006 11:05 pm

Heck - sounds like you had a lucky escape Xtreme.

Anyone that's pissed with you talking to someone else after one lunch date clearly isn't all there head wise.

I chat with people, ask them if they have any dates lined up - if we meet and get on and decide to take it further, then "rules of engagement" are talked about - likes, dislikes, one to ones or multiple dating - but that's if you BOTH think that it's headed somewhere.

I'm looking for a single guy and it's bloody hard on here - most guys are married or attached and the supposedly single ones that I have met so far (with a couple of exceptions) have been incapable of telling the truth - and THAT'S where you get the shit from. Although I am pretty disturbed (stop it !!) at the number of people (men AND women) that feel the need to cheat on their partners. Everyone has reasons for this and I'm not here to condone or condemn, but when a lot of women put hearts and souls into relationships with guys and then find out they've been cheated on because they've borne children for these men and lost their sex drive, I think it's a pretty shallow thing.

Heck - looks like we're sharing the same soap box !

Just a shame you're all the way over there and I'm all the way over here.


Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

xtremebuilder 57M

6/24/2006 12:36 am

I appreciate the comments, and, I too, regret that we have this large body of water between us. But, I have to disagree with you on the condoning or condemning aspect of your comments. Marriage is marriage, when you stand before someone before God or before the law (I'm not particularly religious), you are making a solid commitment. Don't get me wrong, if your spouse says "that's fine, you can play", then that's fine. But if your spouse not only doesn't agree, and doesn't know, then that is a violation of the trust that a serious commitment requires.

I'm not judging, just giving my opinion, but the same thing holds true in ANY relationship, be it friends, family or spouse, trust and honesty must, and has to be the over-riding part of the relationship. If you can't trust, how can you effectively communicate??

Again, noy being judgemental, just being opinionated!!


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