To all those concerned....apologies  

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6/20/2006 10:50 am

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To all those concerned....apologies

First of all, I just noticed in my title line that I mispelled "actually". How I can mispell a word in a sentence that comments on my intelligence is beyond me! I'll leave it in there as a wake-up call for my lack of attention to detail!

Just want to apologize to a few folks without naming them. I've been pretty unresponsive lately, not keeping in touch and not making arrangements to meet.

Though not one that condone's excuses, I have had a difficult personal, and professional time here the last month or so. My father has recently taken a bit of a turn for the worse and he has to take priority in my life. My Mom is wonderful, but there is just so much she can do.

I won't get into more specifics, all I can say is I hope I can pull out of this slump or funk soon. Please bear with me folks!

I also want to let everyone know how disappointed I was not to be able to go to the Charlotte M+G. I had to take Dad to the hospital Friday afternoon. He's O.K., and I probably could have driven down Saturday, but I'm afraid I would have felt guilty not being close by. Of course, since I didn't go to Charlotte, they were perfectly fine for the weekend. Sure enough though, had I gone...............

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