Talk about HOT!!!!!!  

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7/16/2006 10:05 am
Talk about HOT!!!!!!

So the storms go ripping through last night about 8:00 or so. Lightning, rain wind, lights flashing on and off.....pretty cool stuff as long as you aren't out in it.

About 10:00 or so I notice the house getting pretty darn hot. So I check my thermostat and it's a field full 8's (it's digital). So I start hitting buttons, flipping breakers and somehow, don't ask me how, the system kicks on! Shhhhhhheeeewwwwww!!

In about 15 minutes it goes from 87 to I danced a bit of a jig and headed to bed.

Well, there I am, sleeping peacefully about 4 a.m. or so, when Rusty, my trusty canine companion, starts whining. Now for Rusty to do this at 4 a.m. either means a nuclear emergency. a Kibble's and Bit's emergency or an unexpected visit from a gang of roving Scientologists!

Once the bleary eyes began to clear a touch, I realize that I'm soaked in sweat! So I get up to find it was 98 in the house!! I shut it down, have had three showers since and I am getting ready to head to BT's one of my favorite watering holes (A/C included).

I just checked my outside unit and there was a big black mark on the side of it. I opened the side door (not that I would know what the hell I'm looking at), and there were wires fused together in spots, and it had that nasty, electrical burnt insulation smell! I believe it wass hit by lightning.

What are the chances? Well, in my life of Job lately, I would obviously say they aren't that remote!!

Just thought I would share, luckily, the guy that owns an HVAC company is a good friend and he's hooking me up with a new unit in the a.m. He even offered to come out today, but I just couldn't do it to him!

So I'm off for an icy cold Bud Light in a chilled glass, a little Nascar and, most importantly, some A/C.

Rusty has a date next door with the neighbor's dog, hopefully it will cool off a bit this evening for us!!

See ya,

Sweltering at home)

P.S. Sterling doesn't care, he's sleeping in the shower)

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