At a total loss  

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6/26/2006 10:34 pm

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At a total loss

I have been with AdultFriendFinder for quite a long time. I have chatted in Carolina's room for at least 5 years, chatted with a lot of good people, sat back and watched some good conversations, and some bad.

I have never been the subject.Well, Mr' Wizard here decided to get in a bad mood. I finally confronted some folks that were talking bad about my, supposed bad actions, and instead of just shutting up and let them rambe, I decided (gawd, single guys, don't ever do this) to defend myself! Whoa, be me.

Ya'll aren't going to change me. I'll come back in the room 3 months from now and there will be decent, honest, ADULT people in there that simply want to chat and enjoy conversations that don't involve the kids. I'm patient, have been for years. When the room get's controlled by a bunch of people that want to play the gossip game, the drama game, the soap opera game.....I just back off, and come back later.

This time, I was the idiot, I decided to try to defend myself. Of course, all the folks that have no idea of who I am, what I am like or what I have been like in the room for all these years decided to chime in.

Well, my bad....a single male defending himself....I damn well should have known better. But, I did it, no apologies.......I haven't done one single thing wrong to anybody....haven't hurt any of you gals that are raising so much hell!

Be that as it may, sorry I piised off the people that I did, it was not my intention. I just can't figure out, if you have never met somebody, and there is this much drama without meeting somebody, what does that bode for the future?

Anyway....I'll try again in a month or so, hopefully some reasonable, adult personalities will be back in the room.

Bye folks,


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