Hi - 1st entry into my Blog lol hope it goes well  

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1/6/2006 6:22 pm

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Hi - 1st entry into my Blog lol hope it goes well

If you are reading this then thanq for taking the time.

Not exactly sure where to start, so ill just start writting and see where it goes.

I will try and add a new entry into my blog every night/couple of nights to keep you comming back for more

My profile covers the basics of who I am, but doesn't really get to grips with my personality, I only hope that it is able to come through via my writting and is not hidden away behind my poor punctuation and spelling .

I would describe myself as a very compassionate person that is able to get very passionate about a subject without knowing much of the details, I tend to act on impulse and basically do whatever feels right to do.

I have never really had any problems meeting women thoughout my teen years, but have always relied on the women approaching me initially as I am shy (to say the least) in making the initial contact.

I decided to travel to australia for a year and found that my sex life was better than ever and it was due to the type of woman I was meeting.

Before australia all of my girlfriends were the same age or just ever so slightly younger than myself and for some reason sex was always unfufilling. In australia though all of the women I found myself with were atleast 5 years older than myself, several 15-20 years older than me and I found this to be a much more satisfying time sexually as the women were far more confident in what they liked and were comfortable enough to make sex the fun activitey it should be.

Now please dont think I have anything against women my age, it simply is that the majority of girls my age living in my area that I was meeting were simply interested in sex sex sex. I enjoy sex as much as the next person, but half of the fun is the foreplay before and after, the pillow talk, touching and feeling that (I feel) goes as standard with sex but I had been missing out on all of this before Australia.

On arrival home, after having met many women in australia that were able to provide me with the fufillment from sex that I was looking for, to come home to the area where I live meant that once again I struggled to find what I was looking for.

(Before any young women reply in anger to this, id ask you to come and live in Alyth near Dundee for 10 years before you make any comments, I know there are women my age that are confident and mature enough to have what I consider great sex, I just havent met them yet )

Hence I started to chat and talk to women online in chat rooms and was soon to discover this site.

I have never actually met anyone face to face through the internet and I am more than slightly nervous about the pospect, but I havent been as excited about sex in along time knowing my chances of finding what im looking for has just become so much easier.

Im going to add another blog so as this 1 isnt to long and need publishing in paperback.

I would love to hear from any women out there, whether just to chat online or if you would be interested in meeting for 1-1 non commitiment sex, I just enjoy female company.

See other blogs for exact reasons why I am here.

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