Erotic Poetry  

xix12345 36M
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1/9/2006 9:20 pm

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3/10/2006 9:10 pm

Erotic Poetry

Never knew I had it in me, never was one for paying attention in English but after adding a comment on another blog discovered it was alot of fun.

My First Time

Sweet sixteen
And what do I know?
Not that much
Just what ive been told

Friend had a party
We all went along
Got pretty wasted
Sucking on the bong

Eight hours later
And there I sat
A poor little virgin
Making plans with the cat

All of a sudden
What did I see
Another guys girl
Was making eyes at me

Tried not to notice
With not much success
Perfect ass
Shown off in her dress

Her boyfriend the wanker
Not much of a guy
He was an idiot
Who made people cry

She walks on over
Big smile on her face
Seductive and sensual
But definately with grace

She leaned in close
Hand touching my knee
All my friends watching
"How lucky is he"

We started flirting
And so it began
Tonight it would happen
I would become a man

Half an hour later
Her boyfriend came back
All I was thinking
Was "You fucking twat"

And so she had left me
Hopes crushed into dust
Its ok I said
Its normal to lust

When the party was dying
And everyone going home
I went on upstars
To sleep on my own

Lying there wrestless
Looking at the door
I couldnt believe it
She had come back for more

Feeling excited
Not sure what to do
She locked the door
And took of her shoes

I sat there in silence
My eyes enormous and round
She undid her dress
And it fell to the ground

Under the covers
On this fine bed
She moved on up
And gave me head

She sucked so hard
I thought I would cum
But how wrong was I
She wasnt close to done

The sucking had stopped
As she climbed ontop
It felt so good
I was bound to pop

Thrusting and bouncing
Getting wetter and wetter
I knew this would happen
Had to sooner or later

Overcome with joy
I let out a cry
I gushed inside her
Then it ran down her thigh

Not wanting to stop
Seeing her wet pussy shout
I moved her on up
And started licking her out

Dripping with juices
So lovely and sweet
My tongue flicking wildley
It was going down a treat

She started to shudder
Slowly at first
Then it had happened
She started to burst

She moved on down
And lay on my chest
My hand gently stroking
Her petite arroused brest

Her body so warm
Our legs interlocked
I was ready again
I had a hard cock

I lay her face down
Then I got ontop
She opened her legs
My cock like a rock

I entered her pussy
Riding on her ass
"Ill do this again"
"If you give me the chance"

One hour later
Both Numb with joy
She turns and smiles
"That was better than my toys"

As quietly as she had entered
She got up and dressed
All I was thinking
was "I have been blessed"

Knowing she had used me
Should of felt bad
Infact the complete opposite
No way I was sad

Her smell still with me
I lay on the bed
Remembered the way
She had given me head

Not able to sleep
I went to the can
I just couldnt believe
I had become a man.


Please feel welcome to add a poem (however long) about your first time.

friskyval 53F

1/10/2006 5:33 pm

I would love to be that girl in your poem...

xix12345 36M
53 posts
1/10/2006 7:12 pm

Lol So you would just walk out and leave me aswell would you?

Hi Friskyval, I would love it if you were that girl in the poem 2, I think that the poem would be more than twice the length it is though and would involve far cruder language than what I have used

I would love to hear a poem or story about one of your sexual encounters on your blog, so I can want to be the guy you write about.

Will speak to you soon


EuphoricRapture 29F

2/4/2006 9:39 pm

I love it!

xix12345 36M
53 posts
2/11/2006 1:14 pm

Thanx EuphoricRapture, just something I threw together in a few mins.

I wish I could write non rhyming Poetry, but that stuff above just comes so easily I could probably have written 1 twice as long.

Any 1 and every 1 is welcome to add their own poems

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