Hmmm . . . What a rush  

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10/9/2005 9:03 pm

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Hmmm . . . What a rush

Wow this online diary is fun.
I wonder, . . .hmm should I say anything ?
Imagine -
You come over to my place, pick me up in your ride.
We go to dinner, all the while we talk about our day and how it has been. Dinner is suculent, salad with steak and vegetable as the main meal, finishing off with strawberries and whipped cream with pineapple juice as a drink. Your dinner is equally delicious to you, you are a man's man and equally dive in to your dinner all the while making sounds that this is the best dinner you have had all day.
You give me that once over, noting that I am as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Our eyes meet a few times, noting there is no one in the restaurant but us. Your humor gets some giggles out of me, I notice you are a complete gentleman.
We leave the restaurant with our tummies full and nice warm conversation to fill our minds carrying us back to my place.
On the drive back we notice that we both like to listen to classic rock and even as far back as 60's rock.
We arrive at my place. I invite you in with my eyes and suggest we go in for more conversation. We arrive inside only to notice an empty couch waiting for us. . .
Your shirt is removed so smoothly you don't remember who removed it. My lips and tongue and mouth get involved in showing you how pleasurable getting your own nipples and breasts can be massaged by both my mouth and hands. Your breathing and small moans indicate that this is tingling your head on your shoulders that is is wowzers . . .

more cuming later . . .

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